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First Name Jim & Barbara
Last Name Nelson
Location Our Tropical Paradise on Florida's Gulf Coast
Favorite Rock Song Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, Jimmy Buffet
Occupation Antiques Dealers; Entrepreneurs; ebay Trading Assistant; Powerseller; Ebay Education Specialist, Melaleuca Independent Marketing Executive
eBay Store Grandpa's Trading Company
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What I Sell Unique Antiques; MidCentury Pottery; Enamelware; Corelle & Corning; Snowmen, Cookie Jars, Kitchen Accessories, Vintage Christmas, Home Decor
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Interests Antique Treasure Hunts, Camping, Gardening, Our 2 Wonderful Sons & 6 Fabulous Grandchildren; Traveling; Recycling; Golden Retrievers; Fishing, Boating
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  • On: eBay Legend - Jim “Uncle Griff” Griffith Delights Listeners with tales:
    Greetings Fellow Rock Stars..... WHO has been around ebay longer than Uncle Griff? He is SO amazing! He is OUR personal "rock star" Idol! When we were newbies to ebay in June of 1997, took some classes, stuffed our brains with knowledge and thought we could sell on ebay. BUT, we could NOT "get" the part about getting our photos from our BRAND NEW Sony Mavica digital camera to show up in the auction we tried to list! Many days and nights of frustration. One night, decided I was NOT going to bed until I figured it out! Tears streaming down my cheeks, sent an email to ebay.... "ANYONE" out there awake, I recall it saying.... "HELP"! This friendly email promptly came into our mail box with the "link" we were missing, how to send our photo through an FTP server to our hosting service and then magically... it appears in our auction! (ebay did not do any picture hosting in the early days). It WAS incredible knowing we had actually DONE it and it was all thanks to his fellow, "Uncle Griff". I wrote him the longest and gushiest thank you! Met him later at ebay Live in Orlando and through his books, web postings and radio show, feel as though we actually "know" him! THAT was back when the ebay mascot was "Skippy" and think Skippy and Uncle Griff were about the only employees! HOW times have changed! Anyway, Griff's podcast reveals lots of those great old ebay tales, the background of his ebay presence and of course his insights that only HE can provide. LOVE Griff's sense of humor, his radio broadcasts and how he can ALWAYS keep his cool! Don't miss this recap from Griff of ebay timelines and early tales! Here's to YOUR success! Grandpa's Trading Company
  • On: Ask The Entrepreneur - Jill Finlayson of GreenDimes:
    Greetings Fellow Rock Stars..... Amazing interview with such relevant information. Very eye-opening and extremely interesting to hear the early ebay tales! Gritty content, well presented and very motivational for any entrepreneur. Green Dimes SUCH a timely website for keeping the earth green by reducing paper spam! Thanks Jill for sharing your knowledge! Here's to YOUR success! Grandpa's Trading Company
  • On: eBay PowerSeller & Entrepreneur Mark Fitzgerald of Grapevinehill Shares his Success:
    Greetings Fellow Rock Stars.... Mark Fitzgerald of Grapevinehill, who is a successful entrepreneur in many venues, including ebay, provides listeners with his background and how he got from Point A to Point B to where he is successfully today. Shoes and unique marketing and business strategies have been a large portion of his ladder to success. Amazing tales of how he forged his way into his niche market and plunged into areas he had no prior knowledge of! Very inspirational ideas, (not for the faint of heart). He makes you want to shake yourself off and reinvent both your marketing AND thinking strategies! Have listened to this podcast several times and, of course, come away with something different each and every time! Here's to YOUR success! Grandpa's Trading Company
  • On: eBay PowerSeller Carol Hearn of WanderingCreekAntiques shares her Success - Part two:
    Greetings Fellow Rock Stars..... Here is Part TWO of Carol Hearn from WanderingCreekAntiques Podcast that you've been waiting for! Carol is a powerseller, of course, who provides plenty of useful information regarding the powerseller program and tips and tools on how YOU can achieve this milestone! Offers insight into the powerseller Discussion Boards and gleaning the useful information they have to offer as well as the pitfalls of ebay's customer service! Put this podcast on your list to listen to again for there is SO much information, you won't be able to retain it all in just one session. Here's to YOUR success! Grandpa's Trading Company
  • On: eBay PowerSeller Carol Hearn of WanderingCreekAntiques shares her Success - part one:
    Greetings Fellow Rock Stars..... Carol from WanderingCreekAntiques shares her vast knowledge & experience on transitioning from a bricks and mortar antiques business to ebay sales alone. Having taken this business strategy ourselves, can tell you that Carol is RIGHT ON with her information in this podcast. She will put your thinking processes into gear if you are contemplating a similar change. She also shares great insight into some of the problems and pitfalls of software she has used, as well as her current favorites. You will come away from this insightful podcast looking forward to .... part TWO. Thanks, Carol, for sharing! Here's to YOUR success! Grandpa's Trading Company
  • On: Tim "Mr Customer Service" Chapman is back with more Garage and Estate Sale Home Runs:
    Greetings Fellow Rock Stars.... You are going to LOVE Tim. "Mr Customer Service", Chapman and his podcast! You'll be inspired to get up EARLY to search and locate treasures for ebay like Tim does! A fine variety of tips interspersed with tales of his past escapades, hunts and finds; most important: listen and takes notes for YOUR next EARLY hunting trip so you can score your OWN home run! VERY valuable information here! Even seasoned ebayers can find some new tips here! Here's to YOUR success! Grandpa's Trading Company

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