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First Name Diane
Last Name Bell
Location Scottsdale, Arizona
Favorite Rock Song Hotel California by the Eagles
Occupation entrepreneur business owner ebay Top Rated Seller
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What I Sell Mexico Peru Folk Art, ceramics, retablos,milagros,skull and skeleton beads, Day of the Dead, sugar skull molds, silver and pewter jewelry, Mexican Calendar girl totes, bottlecap jewelry, nichos, Tin door toppers,Rocki Gorman jewelry,mousepads,Frida Kahlo, Guadalupe, Painted icons, crosses, treasures from around the world, the unique and unusual from around the world!
Interests ebay,art,horses/riding,dogs, cats, pets, animal rescue, australian shepards, vintage cowgirl art, Mexican calendar girls, jewelry design,remodeling, Day of the Dead, icon painting, polymer clay, ephemera,reading,travel,sugar skulls, altar/shring making, Rocki Gorman jewelry, internet marketing, altered art, retablo and icon painting, collecting Peruvian and Mexican folk art, music,photography, concerts, theater, Native American Indian art and jewelry,Southwest art, Native American pawn style jewelry
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    Jeanne's reinventing herself as an entrepreneur making tough life choices of the road less traveled and the rewards garnered in the process is inspirational! Her blend of making communication fun for others plus giving back yielded a wildly successful business. I love using my Designer Gal and the option of changing her to fit my mood and mode of communication with friends. Another wonderful introduction by Janelle that has broadened my knowledge, increased my fun factor in communication, plus seeing yet another woman make the choices necessary to fulfill her life. Loved this interview and you will too!
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    I'm a firm believer that all of life's experiences add up to a puzzle that yields talents useful for ones true called. Kevin's career journey proves this true! He draws on his past to create his entrepreneurial present sharing his teaching talents through classes, books, plus an information packed website, and newsletter. He approaches selling on ebay the same way he solved business problems by translating them to easy to learn strategies for success. He is the real deal whether you want to become an education specialist or learn how to "ebay" optimally! I resonate with people who have their priorities in place! He missed receiving a coveted Ebay Educational Specialist award at ebay Live because he was teaching a free ebay class to high school students. He has built a thriving career and offers the motivation, tools, and training for others to do so as well. A must hear podcast for everyone that wants to see how someone successfully transitioned from corporate to ebay full time.
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    Charlene gives a time tested roadmap to ebay PowerSeller success that is an ideal template to follow for anyone interested in avoiding pitfalls as a seller. She got her start on ebay l999, and took lemons and made lemonade by selling inventory from her employer that was going out of business and moving onward to a creative niche she enjoyed. This interview is a treasure trove of gems on how to start your business the right way: focus on what you love and are knowledgable in, find items that are easy to pack, and small enough so inventory space isn't an issue and much more. Her constant research and supplier expansion tips are golden! Charlene is an example of how to ebay the right way without killing yourself, and having fun in the process!!

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