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  • 2 Responses to “Success Answers with Janelle – January 2010 week 4, Part 1”

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      Infant Traveler Says:

      This class covers the “correct” way to submit a question to “Ask Janelle”. (Please don’t take our “Ask Janelle” class away!!!)

      The larger issue is how you communicate as a business person. Does all your correspondence include your contact info., your question or comment in concise easy to understand manner? Have you included all pertinent information for the recipient? Make it simple for the recipient and increase the results you are aiming for!

      The second half of the class is simple Math every online business needs to consider before sourcing, listing, etc. It is essential to look at ALL the numbers to figure your return on investment (ROI) for your time and your money!

      Watch this class, do the math and position your business to be a Profit Center, not a hobby!!!

      All the Best,
      Melissa Guernsey

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      Excellent class (as always). I agree with the comments about the format of “Ask Janelle” – if we as the customers of this site want to continue to get the amazing access to Janelle that she offers here, we must respect her time and profitability by following her instructions for submissions. We really (really!) don’t want “Ask Janelle” to go away!