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  • One Response to “Success Answers with Janelle – November 09 week 2, Part 1”

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      I posted this on the Exclusive Training Forum, but thought I’d put it here also:

      I don’t post nearly as often as I should – but I just HAD to get my answer in here! At the last Ask Janelle session, Janelle asked why we (the Rock Stars) are at her site instead of one of the millions of others. I’ve been thinking a lot about that. Like many of us, I’ve been around other programs/educators, read tons of books, and looked at every online “How to Sell on eBay” site in the world! I got a little of something out of many of them, and next to nothing out of most.

      When I found OSI Rock Stars, I just knew immediately that I had hit pay dirt. THIS was what I needed – a sharp business person who can teach me how to run a successful business. Janelle spends her time on the real nuts and bolts of being successful, whereas a lot of other people/sites spend most of their time on “this is the button you push to upload your photos”. I think we all love Janelle because she’s a lovable person, but she is also one of the greatest teachers ever. It’s a true talent, and she’s totally willing to share it.

      Before I came to Rock Stars last August, I was all over the board with my business. In the last few months, I have become more focused, more disciplined, and more profitable in my business. In fact, I’ve been so successful selling that I haven’t spent enough time in my continuing education here! The quick turnaround in my business really took me by surprise, so I’ve been playing catch up. What a great problem to have!

      It’s pretty rare to find something these days that exceeds my expectations, and Janelle and OSI Rock Stars continually do! Wishing you all continued success!

      Hugs to all,

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