Griff and John are heading your way (22 Aug 09)

In your Success Newsletter this week:

  • Are you in Chicago or Omaha?  Griff and John are heading your way
  • Bribing you to list with yummy caramel
  • Articles by Cliff Ennico – ‘The artist, their work and the copyright’, and ‘Twelve Things You Need When Starting a Consulting Business’
  • Halloween sales are starting – what do you need to know to make the most money
  • New Success Classes were just posted on OSI Rock Stars



I would say that I truly hate being sick.  Not just that you feel awful…I can deal with that.  But the fact that when your head is stuffed with cotton candy and your fever is so high you can’t think straight, then things don’t get done right or at all.  You overlook things, misplace things, completely forget your thought process.  Drives me crazy.  (Not to mention on top of it the insanity of being in the middle of a move to a new house – egads!).  So I am going back through my checklists of what was supposed to get done while I was sick.  Check, check, check…hey, what is this?

If you go to to register to be a Rock Star, the new price is up there, check.  Yet when you go to pay, the old promotional prices are still there.  (For those of you who know me, I am sure you can envision the eye roll that occurred when I realized this had happened).


So what does this mean…?

1.  That someone is in trouble (probably me – lol)

2.  That come Monday when Marcus comes in around 5pm pst (he’s my fabulous web guy in Malaysia), he will be updating the entire site to the new increased pricing

3.  That for approx the next 72 hours you can still register to be a Rock Star at prices that, come Monday, will never be seen or heard from again!


I wish I could say that this is one of those pressure marketing tactics (you know, like ‘the server crashed so we are extending our time’ tactics).  But unfortunately it is truly just me not being organized enough to make sure this happened when it should have and now you have through the weekend to take advantage of this opportunity.

When you go to you will see the new $59 a month pricing.  Yet when you receive your request to ‘Pay Your Rock Star Dues’, you will be taken to a page that still offers:

  • $15 weekly
  • $49 a month or
  • The VERY popular, $365 a year

Remember, if you can get in at these prices you are grandfathered in while a Rock Star and the price cannot go up!  woohoo.  (Well, woohoo for you…but once my financial advisors realize what I have done it won’t be woohoo for me guaranteed – lol).


And, while we are talking about Rock Stars…here are just a couple of Rock Stars and the amazing things they are doing:






Are you in Chicago or Omaha?  Griff and John are heading your way


GriffGriff is looking for small sellers in the Omaha and Chicago areas for two casual, intimate dinners to be held in the first week of September. The dates are Chicago, Aug 31st and Omaha, Sep 1st. Space at each is limited to about 12 attendees at each dinner and he is considering all on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are small seller in either the Omaha or Chicago areas and you are interested in meeting with CEO John Donahoe and Griff to discuss eBay (your thoughts, concerns, suggestions, etc), email Griff at for consideration and details. Make sure you include the word ‘Chicago’ or ‘Omaha’ in your subject line.


BTW…word on the street is that if you are a ‘fan’ of Griff’s on Facebook, you will have access to these announcements!



Bribing you to list with yummy caramel


Congrats to Brenda of Bielein Design Finds – she has won TWO months in a row!  Not sure if it’s the caramels or the goal of ensuring Top Seller that has her motivated!


JenniferJennifer of Precision Bluing has come up with a brilliant idea!  Since listing (done the right way) = money AND we all need to list more to meet our new Top Rated Seller goals, Jennifer has come up with a monthly contest. 

What: A listing contest spanning 72 hours

Where: You can list anywhere – eBay, Amazon, Bonanzle, Etsy, etc – but only new, original listings count – no relists

Who: Everyone who chooses success

Why: Cause we want you to succeed wildly

When: Next one starts at midnight pst on September 18th and goes until midnight pst on September 21st - you must post your total by midnight September 22nd

And the Prize:  15 yummy pieces of the ‘quickly becoming almost too famous’ sea-salt caramels from

Huge congrats to Brenda, our very first winner!


Watch the RS boards and Facebook as Jennifer will be sending out reminders and getting your totals there.  She’ll be sending the winners mailing addresses to me so I can send your delicious caramels out to you!


Etsy banner


Articles by Cliff Ennico


Halloween sales are starting – what do you Jackneed to know to make the most money


Are you ready to get your Halloween listings going? Halloween sells well year round, but since July 19th of this year, Halloween sales are already starting to climb. Traditionally for the last two years, sales have really escalated starting September 1st (less than a week away) and will rapidly decrease starting October 10th – so plan accordingly.
Top sellers include:


New Success Classes were just posted on OSI Rock Star!


Over the next 2 months, we will be having a weekly class series on Profitable Keywords. This will walk you through:

·        Creating a Profitable Keyword sheet for ALL of your online businesses

·        Tools you can use

·        Where to put these valuable vocabulary words (in your eBay Store, on Twitter, for your website, etc)

·        A lesson or two on SEO and SEM

·        and of course we will mention enough ‘working information’ to get you started on PPC if you desire (pay per click).

During Part 3 we covered:

·        Review

·        WordTracker

·        Trellian – Keyword Discovery



Welcome to our new monthly Live Coaching calls – eBay Stores. Each month we choose eBay Store business owners to receive Live Coaching about their Success.

The business we reviewed in part 1 of this 2 part class was:

  • John of Classic Car Wiring
    During this first part of live coaching we covered quite a few Success subjects including:
  • Setting up your eBay Store
  • Getting eBay to pay you to have a Store
  • outside of eBay marketing
  • and much more.


The business we reviewed in part 2 of this 2 part class was:

  • Charlene of Purveyor of All Things Creative
    During this second part of live coaching we covered quite a few Success subjects including:
  • Research
  • Promotion Boxes
  • Submitting to Bing
  • and much more.


Each week the Rock Stars get to ask their questions Live during this coaching call.
Topics for this week’s class include:

  • Branding
  • Newsletters
  • Marketing
  • and much more




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