Email increases likelihood to buy by 50% (23 Feb 09)

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·        Email increases likelihood to buy by 50% – want to learn how to increase YOUR buyers and YOUR profit$$?

  • New classes for this week – “Are you repelling new opportunities with negative self talk?” and “Optimizing your videos: YouTube and beyond”


Busy last 10 days – lots of meetings and interviews and other work on helping make YOUR business a Success.

I met with Bryan of Flightline Fabrications (and Apollo too!).  OSI asked him, “During the current economic situation, what are you doing differently with your business?”  I think his answer might surprise a few of you.  Check it out here:

Also had dinner with Michael Kaiser.  We used to tour together at eBay U and he is now Executive Director for The National Cyber Security Alliance in Washington DC  He was in town to meet with a bunch of head honchos – was funny hearing his stories about how to address an Admiral (a female one no less – lol!).  He said to say Hi to all of you…and also wanted all of you eBay Education Specialist to know that he has some information coming out soon about online safety for you to use in your classes! I promise we’ll have him on the show as soon as it’s ready.


125x125 ILBMAnd for those of you following along with In Line Behind Me…I just met with a Church here in Renton, WA with a congregation of over 2000 people who will joining us at ILBM!  If any of you have groups or Churches that would be interested in talking about their own marketing/outreach opportunities, definitely have them holler at us –  And don’t forget to keep sharing those stories on the site.


This just hit the Seattle headlines:

Some Microsoft tech courses, exams to be free

Now, you can fuss at Microsoft for a lot of things, but I think this is pretty awesome.  Check out some of the press release:

Washington state is one of the first three states where Microsoft, in an effort to help ease the economic crisis, will offer some of its technology courses and certification exams for free.

Microsoft announced those plans Sunday, one part of a three-year job-training effort it calls Elevate America. The company says it will offer 1 million vouchers for Microsoft eLearning courses and select certification exams, such as those leading to Microsoft business certification.

“Millions of Americans don’t have the technology skills needed in today’s economy,” Pamela Passman, a Microsoft vice president, said in a prepared statement. “Through Elevate America, we want to help workers get the skills they need to succeed.”

Florida and New York will be the other two states where Microsoft will first offer Elevate America programs.

CertificateYou can read the rest of the article here:

I know for some of you who are starting to do freelancing work to increase your cash flow will definitely appreciate this opportunity!  In fact, I just took the Microsoft Digital Literacy Test and received my certification.  Truth be told it was an easy test – but how cool would this look up on my website if I were an eBay Education Specialist and people were trying to decide if they should hire me or not!!


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Newsletters can increase your sales by 50%

A recent study from Epsilon and conducted by ROI Research stated: “More than half (57%) of American consumers have more positive opinions about companies that send them emails, and 50% say getting email increases the likelihood they will purchase – either online or offline  – from these companies.”

WOW – this study also found that permission-based emails/newsletter had a significant impact on purchasing behavior and consumer loyalty.

Other key insights about customer behavior, loyalty and email included:

  • Consumers appear to be growing more accustomed to offers from companies they trust and seem to appreciate the relationship. Some 84% of respondents said they like receiving email from companies with whom they register, because even if they don’t always read the message, it’s good to know the information or offer will be there when they’re ready. This response rate is up significantly from 69% in a similar, 2005 study by Epsilon.
  • The number of consumers who agree that the fact that they receive email from a company makes them more likely to purchase products from the sender in the future regardless of where they make the purchase (50%) is higher than in 2005 (37%). This demonstrates that consumers are noticing emails, and while they may not be ready to purchase immediately, the correspondence is having a greater influence on their shopping behavior and brand recognition.

Ok…so I am going to pull the “I told you so” card here…  We just finished an almost 13 hour Newsletter training course at OSI where we walked everyone through this process of engaging your customers and creating loyalty through Profitable Newsletters.  The sellers who participated got it:



Thank you for two of the best training classes I have ever participated in – Profitable Newsletter training and Profitable eBay Stores training.  I thought I knew a lot about newsletters until I took your class – I could not have been more wrong.  I had never considered the importance of the subject line much less how important the first few words are.  Since I don’t use


“…if anyone really wants to use effective newsletters

to expand their business and increase customer loyalty –

then you must take Janelle’s course.”


an iPhone or Blackberry it had never occurred to me that many people might be receiving my newsletter on one of those devices.  That was the first AHA for me.  I always thought the main purpose of a newsletter was to sell something.  Boy was I surprised to learn that most of those newsletters never get read.  I’ll keep this short – if anyone really wants to use effective newsletters to expand their business and increase customer loyalty – then you must take Janelle’s course.


Henry Neff

ebay Store Link:

eBay User ID: han-books


BUT, you only have 5 days left to get your 4-CD set on how to turn your Newsletters into profitable, sales driving, loyalty creating emails for your business.  You only have 5 days left to save $50.  You only have 5 days left to get upgraded to priority shipping (cause you want to get started on this asap before your competition does!)

This 3-part CD set includes:

·         Over a dozen hours of step-by-step training on profitably setting up your newsletter – both on eBay and outside

·         Profitably setting up your eBay Store Newsletter – did you know that eBay will send out a newsletter automatically to all your new sign-ups? Even at 3am!!

·         Profitably setting up an outside newsletter

·         Ways to increase your subscriber base

·         Best practices for a successful newsletter

·         Steps to take on taking your eBay subscribers and moving them outside of eBay


Order now…and we will also include an additional CD that contains:

·         Questions to ask before you choose a Newsletter Marketing company

·         Understanding newsletter analytics for eBay Stores and outside newsletters

·         Creating a ‘squeeze page’ to send your potential subscribers

·         And much more…

Do you want to know…

·         What one thing determines whether or not 60% of people are going to read your newsletter?

·         What one thing will determine whether another 30% read it or not?

·         The one thing you can do to your eBay Stores newsletter that will make it stand out from the rest (actually there are two…and we’ll share both)?

·         Over 14 places you can utilize to increase your subscriber sign-ups?

·         My eBay super secret legal trick I use that has increased my subscriber sign-ups by another 15%?

·         How to take advantage of this free powerful tool that is already part of your eBay business?


I have nothing but praise for our outstanding set of classes devoted to Newsletters which is a vital part of marketing. Janelle was very thorough starting with the basic question “What is my goal for having a newsletter?” She went into great depth about not only structure but best practices. We had homework otherwise known as “Success Steps” to do which kept us focused and engaged. We also had two guests who talked about their different types of newsletters.


“I don’t believe you could find any better training

on this subject anywhere.”


This class was not only about eBay newsletters but looked with a broader view of outside newsletters. This Newsletter series is packed with invaluable information and I don’t believe you could find any better training on this subject anywhere.




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2/24/09, Tuesday at Noon pst/3pm est

Law of Attraction with Sylvia McClintick

Are you repelling new opportunities with negative self talk? Learn how to attract new opportunities with a new vocabulary.
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2/26/09, Thursday at Noon pst/3pm est – OSI RS Exclusive

MINI – Optimizing your videos: YouTube and beyond

Boy, have there been some changes with YouTube.  This class will be a quick update on some of those changes as well as tips on optimizing & marketing your videos!

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