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  • 5 Responses to “Preparing your business for an emergency”

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      worldwide-traders-online Says:

      Thank you so much for this informative podcast, being a solo entrepreneur I would feel vulnerable in case of an emergency. Excellent advice to take away added stress if/when one needs to go into emergancy mode. It pays to be prepared and you have provided great insight to “cut to the chase” and be proactive not reactive.

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      Grandpa's Trading Company Says:

      Thanks Janelle & Stephanie for an excellent “nudge” to put our emergency business plans on paper. Living in Florida, we have a large, zippered notebook we keep on our desk with lists, reminders and notes we would put into action should a hurricane cause an evacuation, or heaven forbid, a direct hit. The same would be applicable to our online businesses. We have the proverbial “little black book” with all our user IDs and passwords and it goes wherever we go. Our sons are aware of its existence but would probably be amazed at all the sites we depend on in running our online business. We try and keep them updated, but with them both having their own businesses it is WAY TMI and their eyes sort of “glaze” over at the mid point of explanation. We already use Carbonate and it makes our lives so worry free (at least about losing our “data”). We still have a ways to go to be fully prepared and appreciate the “wake-up” call and excellent, detailed step-by-step guidance from Stephanie and Janelle! Having just undergone an emergency two-week hospitalization and surgery, we had a drill in putting plans into place and for the most part, it worked well. So, Rockstars…. listen up this is pertinent and useful information we all need to be well prepared!

      Jim & Barbara Nelson

      Grandpa’s Trading Company

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      This is something that has been concerning me for some time. I back up my documents etc. but a site like Carbonite sounds really good. However, my main concern is if I became really ill e.g. heart attack. My partner isn’t interested in the business and isn’t really computer literate and I don’t have any family. So I definitely need a Business Buddy. But who? Thanks so much for giving this lesson, I will just have to find a Business Buddy.


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      Goinggreenmom Says:

      Thank you so much for the checklist! You would think having been through this (I’m Pam’s daughter) that I would know what I would have liked to have to get through it. On some things I do, others I hadn’t thought of.

      I would like to say that as you put together the password list include the password for your virus protection software. Norton will automatically supply passwords if you have that feature setup, but it does no good if you can’t log in to it. Mom’s password list that was in her planner was 4 pages of about size 6 or 8 font with each page being about 2/3 of a normal size page. I WENT THROUGH ALL OF THEM AT LEAST ONCE! If you have a password for it, even if you only use it once in awhile, put it down.

      I would also like to add that if you are planning for car accidents or even if you would like someone else to take over if you pass, a process and procedures type of manual would be a wonderful idea. Knowing the Logins and Passwords for vendor sites is still pointless if they don’t give you an ordering page of some sort, what is there procedure for ordering from them or having something drop shipped? If you email them with the order, who do you email and what is their email address? There are still drop ship items that I’m just hoping I can muddle through when they get purchased. As soon as I find (working on a spreadsheet. lol) all of the inventory that is HERE I am going to start calling/emailing vendors to find out how they work.

      I would also like to thank you guys for doing this class in honor of Mom. She loved working with you guys and I think she found a lot of joy in the challenges of running an ebay store, making Giant Squid, and all of the other things that she worked on online. I would also like to thank you for the support that I have had from all of you since I took over the things she was working on. Most of the family don’t understand what she was doing, so they don’t understand me working on it either. Having a positive place to go where people don’t think I’m crazy for doing something on the computer has been a life saver. Thank You Again! ~Megan (Goinggreenmom)

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      Kat Says:

      Excellent Class – I have been thinking of this for a few years. Downloading Checklist now to start before I move!