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  • 3 Responses to “Fulfillment warehouses – with guest Chris Malta”

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      Cindy Hamilton Says:

      What a great class! This subject about using a fulfillment center is a timely one for me and my businesses.

      I’ve actually been using a fulfillment center for several months now, and have gone through many of the research steps that Chris Malta suggests. That being said, the service I’m working with has “dropped the ball” more often than I’d like and has required my attention and follow up to solve some problems. Some of these instances were growing pains in our new relationship, but I view the company as being “on probation”. I’ll continue to research other fulfillment centers, keep my feelers out, and consider making a switch down the road. This class spells it out nicely about how to determine what your business needs are, and knowing what questions to ask of a fulfillment service. Thank you, Chris!

      Cindy Hamilton
      Bombay Bongo
      Twirl Planet

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      Mr. Malta made an excellent point during his class. He urged you to have the fulfullment house demonstrate theri “interface”. I can not tell you how important this point is. I am now on my second fulfillment house. Both have been problematic for us. They simply were not automated enough to handle spikes in volume during the holidays.
      They also had little or no interface with my web sites and relyed on me to worrying about getting the orders to them.
      Because they didn’t scan items in or out I have a hard time knowing what I have in the warehouse on any given day.
      During periods of hevy volume they often send the wrong size or the wrong item. For example, NY Giants, NY Mets , NY Jets, NY Yankees-its all the same to them, it starts with NY right?
      My advice to all is to carefully do your homework as Mr. Malta suggests to avoid making the mistakes that we have in choosing a fulfillment house.

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      Kat Says:

      Excellent Points and the comments provide even more things to consider. Great class and thank you Rock Stars for sharing your experiences.