They are SO getting fired over this… (01 Feb 09)


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WOW…incredible game.  Super Bowls aren’t usually this intense – loved it!  But you know me…I was focusing on the marketing part.  Did companies use the right keywords for who their audiences are?  How did they promote themselves…word branding?  URL branding?  A spokesperson? Did they attempt to get you to go to their website and ‘participate’?  I can guess there are a few ‘ad people’ who are getting fired tomorrow (heck, I would have let them go tonight).  But more about that below.

As much as GoDaddys’ ads aren’t my style, they do grasp the marketing concepts of today better than most.  It’s easy to discover their secret…do they:

  • Know who they are in that marketplace? Leader for easy to use, all-in-one, inexpensive websites.
  • Know who their customers are? Obviously male tech geeks.
  • Understand the vocabulary of their customers? Enhanced my image and business for less than $1 a month.
  • Ask for the sale? Yes, multiple times during the commercials they mention (& post on the video) the GoDaddy URL and of course the commercial ending is a hormone cliffhanger that leads you to check out the ‘hot internet version’ at
  • Brilliant marketer and CEO Bob Parsons has been building up these commercials for a while now…getting his community excited using his blog, videos, and webinars.

Excellent job GoDaddy…but could you have a male version of Danica sometime soon? LOL.

Go Daddy  $ sale 468x60

You know who I think may need to start printing out a new resume (or buy the eBay Stores Success Video tonight so they can’t get fired ever again)…the people who put together the Jack in the Box campaign.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I think the idea behind their commercial was brilliant.  It had all of the earmarks of the perfect community marketing campaign that would build interest, get people talking, participating AND also purchasing the product.  So to catch you up to speed in case you missed it, here is the commercial shown during the Super Bowl:


Yeah…a bit unnerving…but that heartstring tugging will cause you to immediately go to your computer and type in:  And I did…and so did practically everyone watching the Super Bowl.  That’s where their problems started.  GoDaddy’s site didn’t go down as millions of (mostly) socially challenged boys headed over to GoDaddy to see who enhanced or not…but this site did.  And they went down hard.  Ouch.  Once I could get into the site, the first thought that crossed my mind was, ‘boy I hope they aren’t paying an SEO person for this contract’.  Did you see the title tags at the top of the website?  #success#success  And no meta tags at all.  I know my Rock Stars who have been through multiple SEO classes are cringing too as they look at the site.

Next I was disappointed to see this blatant ‘sell/pitch’ above the fold:

JackI think they were trying to be funny, but it kind of missed the mark.

I was happy to see the ‘follow Jack’s status at’ section with links to Twitter and Facebook.  Woohoo…some redemption.  Yeah, no.  I clicked on Twitter and started laughing.  I can imagine how this marketing meeting went between the ‘Jack’ people and the ‘ad’ people.


‘Jack’ people:  What’s a Twitter?

‘ad’ people:  yeah, yeah…Twitter…it’s all the rage in marketing now.  Everyone’s doing it.  Sure, sure we know what we are doing.  And we’ll do this thing with a site called a blog and then there is a site that’s kind of like MySpace, but it’s FaceSpace or MyBook or something, but yeah…we’re going to do that too for you.


Well, the ‘ad’ people started this Twitter account 10 days ago for the sole purpose of having it up for Super Bowl.  You can see some suspicious ‘replies’ at the start of the account…and now they won’t let you reply at all.  So much for transparency and having a conversation with your community.  They won’t even let us talk.


Ok, on to Facebook where it also was very recently started for this sole purpose.  But at least they are allowing us to ‘write on the wall’.  You know me; I immediately did for my own marketing purposes – LOL.  I did the same on the comment section for Jack’s blog website.  Hey, maybe once people can actually get back into the site they’ll see my comment and it will bring me traffic.  If Jack doesn’t know what to do with the technology, I do. 


To their credit, they purchased the domain two months ago, so at least there was a bit of planning that went into this idea – it was just poorly executed.  However, it looks like they didn’t start working on the website until January 12th – eeks!  Someone named Leo Modelo owns this domain and hopefully he isn’t the one who is getting called into the ‘BIG BOSS’ office tomorrow.


So it appears they are trying to update some things on the website (things that should have been there when the commercial launched).  I see someone is updating title tags now, too funny.  The marketing community is Twittering away about the horrendous execution of this commercial…but not in a good way.  Not sure in this case if all press is good press.  The websites’ comments still aren’t working and the videos don’t show up sometimes and the reporting issues part is broken.  Sad day for the person/team who thought they knew about social/community marketing.  This could have been an absolutely brilliant example of viral/social/community marketing.  Instead someone’s SO getting fired.


Enjoy your week.

Go Niners in 2010!



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