Super Bowl Commercials – Secret Sneak Peak (31 Jan 09)

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  • Sneak Peak at my favorite Super Bowl commercials for tomorrow – AND I know who wins – yep…scroll down and you will too!
  • One Year extension – I know the recent ‘testing & certification’ requirement from the CPSC has the online community in a panic – we have answers for you


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Great lesson in marketing tomorrow (yeah, tell her that’s why you are watching the Super Bowl) with the $3 million dollar ads arriving.  Thought I would share a sneak peak with you for a few of my favorites.

Also, some important updated info just coming out of the CPSC whose recent ruling about testing & certification requirements had a majority of the eBay and Etsy community in an uproar.




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Sneak Peak at my favorite Super Bowl commercials


NinersSince my Niners were gracious enough to let the Steelers and the Cardinals have a go at it this year in the Super Bowl I’ll be watching the commercials instead.  I tracked down a few of my favorite ones you’ll see during the game.


SPOILER ALERT…if you don’t want to see these before they air, then scroll down past the cool commercials…


Here are a few sneak peaks at some of the commercials that you’ll see during the game (some are legal…some maybe, uhmm – well, enjoy!  And if the links don’t work then you can probably guess whether they were legal or not – lol!)


  • One of my favorites you’ll see later today during the game:

(SO want this car!)


  • Still laughing at this one…


  • Kinda cute one, I miss the truly FABULOUS Coke commercials of yesteryear – watch for it to air probably in the 3rd quarter 


  • Quite the devious ladybug

  • Should have been trimmed a bit, but definitely made me glad I have my own company and don’t have to sit next to ‘THAT guy’

  • OUCH!

  • Same product, but this version will show during pre-game

  • This is just a teaser for what looks like a great Bridgestone commercial  

I couldn’t get a good video for it, but watch 3rd quarter and post-game for Denny’s commercial – it’s a good one (and their first one ever too!)

I am guessing that Gatorade will be taken to the mat for their ad – ‘god with a small g’…are they serious?  They should have saved their $3 million.

And a FYI…cover the younger ones eyeballs during the GoDaddy commercials.  GoDaddy is brilliant, however, about getting people to actually GO to their site.


And just for the record…I think the SoBe commercial you’ll see today is dumb, but rockin’ music.  Glad it wasn’t my $3 million used!


My favorite old Super Bowl commercial:


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Go Daddy $1.99 Domains 468x60

CPSC Update

Basically, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, acting in good faith, created a Testing & Certification requirement that would literally have put enormous amounts of online sellers out of business.  Prayers have been answered and they (CPSC) have listened to the online community and have unanimously passed a one year hold on these requirements.

Here is the original information about this serious situation that has had many sellers on pins and needles for months now (thanks to our Rock Star Diane for this initial posting):

Thought this might be of interest to those online sellers of kids & baby items (specifically ages 12 and under)of items manufactured or created in the U.S. This bill targets the retailer as well as the crafter/home business.(This product category includes fabric items not just hard goods)

(H.R. 4040)(Sections 101, 102, 103)

For those who do not know the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008) it is an act designed to protect our children from unsafe toys, aka., lead at excessive levels, and this is a noble cause.

HOWEVER, this act requires that ANY item designed, marketed to, intended for use by or looks like it could have been designed FOR any child under the age of 12 must be tested. Prices on many different websites are ranging from $100 to $4000 each to have one item tested.
This law goes into effect February 10, 2009.
You can view the bill at:
The law is 68 pages long, to get an overview from a layperson’s perspective who is a crafter go to this website:

If you want to work toward getting the bill amended:
You can sign the petition at the website below:

(you can send your elected officials letters from this site and sign the petition)


Sadly, this bill does not cover imported toys or products…we all know there have been issues with lead in offshore manufactured toys recently.

Hope this helps sellers in this category to stay informed on legislative changes that could impact their business.

Blessings and Happy New Year to all!

Here is the first update they issued:


And, thank goodness, here is the most recent update giving people a year’s reprieve:


For those of you who are OSI Rock Stars, you can keep updated here:


We promise to keep you updated as we know more.


With blessings,


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