Legally contact your previous eBay customers (25 Jan 09)

Please someone explain to me how in the world is it almost the end of January? eGads!

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So I have a ton of information to get out to you, but know that you are super busy.  Since some of this applies to you and some applies to someone else I thought I would try just headlines this time with links in case you would like more info.  Feedback on this type of newsletter format would be very welcomed.




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Cool Stuff

  • I am honored to be on the Savvy Seller Talkshoe podcast show this week with Rock Star Marlene.  We’ll be talking about those all important Profitable Keywords - (If people sign up with Talkshoe and then ‘follow’ the series, they can get an email notification before the interview.)
  • The fabulous coders at Terapeak have a fun new index for video games –


  • Apollo airborneWant to see the beginnings of an amazing viral marketing campaign taking place – check out 1st LT Apollo Airborne’s Adventures on the Flightline Fabrications Blog.  (You can be his friend on Facebook too!)  This is sheer genius!




Everyone always asks me about the books I read…so here goes:


  • Just finished – Sunday at Tiffany’s – fast read, sappy love story, was ok.  I also finished Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki – I preferred his book The Art of the Start…more practical advice.
  • Am reading – Outliers – LOVE it…although I tend to think there is more to this world than Mr. Gladwell’s view of always trying to make sense & order out of everything.  But I always learn something from his books
  • Going to start – Gatsby’s Girl (So have a thing for F. Scott Fitzgerald), The Shack (most of my friends have read it and loved it), and The Life You’ve Always Wanted (a wonderful Christmas gift from my sister)


With many blessings to all of you,


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