Secret Announcement – what you need to know for January 1st, 2009 (31 Dec 08)

In honor of Going BIG in 2009, we have decided to break tradition and offer

For 24 hours only

A one year OSI Rock Star membership for

$1 a day.


Osi 2009

We know that 2009 is going to be a BIG Success for you and we also know that the over 250 hours of success education on the OSI Rock Star site will ensure your Success as it has so many others.  Yes, we usually only offer monthly membership at OSI Rock Stars, but I want EVERYONE to be successful for 2009!

So, starting at Noon on January 1st, 2009 and going for only 24 hours, you can join us Backstage on your Tour of Success and get exclusive access to not only the hundreds of step-by-step classes that are currently backstage, but you will also receive:

  • The Live Profitable Newsletter training that everyone is talking about – yep, coming up in January this training is going to show why newsletters are worth gold and how to use them in your eBay and online business.  (special guests include Constant Contact and Sales in a Click)  As a Rock Star you have a saved seat to this coaching (Value $200)
  • Fulfillment Series – as sellers move into other online selling channels, automation becomes key.  One of the seller’s favorite tools is quickly becoming fulfillment.  This series will include Fulfillment by Amazon, choosing your own fulfillment company, and even a rare opportunity to hear from someone currently using this in her business AND she’s sharing it all with our Rock Stars! (Value $97)
  • Success Coaching with me – LIVE, two hours of answering all of your questions about eBay Stores, marketing, seo/sem, inventory, sourcing, blogging, automation – anything you would like answered.
  • DYWMMON (Do You Want My Money or Not) – One of our more popular classes.  Three Rock Star businesses are chosen for LIVE coaching, but with a unique twist.  I recommend changes based upon how I see their business through the eyes of a buyer!
  • And don’t forget…we have Denise from Terapeak doing research training, Derek of TaTango (24 year old boy genius) with secrets to his success, Success With Cindy showing how you can utilize the power of press releases in your business and much more.


Oh, did I mention – ALL of this is just in January, wait till we really get going for 2009!!


Set your clocks for Noon pst/3pm est on January 1st, 2009 and watch your email for the secret link so you can GO BIG in 2009 with your business and Success!


Fabulous & safe New Years Eve to you and we will see you Thursday in 2009!!




PS – we have an incredible community on Rock Stars who are more like family – an amazing, supportive, encouraging, crazy family (and THE best benefit of joining Rock Stars).  One of our discussion board topics is “I Rock because..” – a place for them to share with the other Rock Stars about their Successes.  Here are just a few of them for December:

·        Whew!! November blew by! The new site and makeover are starting to take off. We were turned down by some big brand names who said we ‘just didn’t fit’ and since Nov 1 every one of them wants to be part of what we have! Had my biggest single sale – $935.75 and best month – plus went $600 over my original goal for November I set a year ago!

That double discount helped out a lot on the fees – brought mine up to almost $100. Got a thrilling email from eBay today: I made it to Silver PowerSeller.

Set my sights a year ago to be a PS by July – made it in March. Now this!! I am over-excited folks!!

That long illness, surgery complications and hard work were just a reminder that faith, planning, organizing, persistence, listening and learning will pay off. Rome fell but Rock Stars are here to stay!! Thank you, Janelle and OSI Rock Stars – from the bottom of my heart.


·        (there is more to this post than what I have here, but I don’t want to give away ALL the secrets to their Success…you’ll have to come join us Backstage to get Barbara’s Success Tips!)

We’ve just had the busiest 24 hours ever in our 11 years on eBay. Every time we go into paypal to transfer monies, MORE money comes before we complete the transfer. It’s better than “pennies from heaven”, it’s just AMAZING! We signed up 27 new newsletter subscribers, great positive feedback from customers…. HUGE sales figures, and LOTS of space in the warehouse! Checked our page views in Omniture and they have nearly doubled over page views this same time period last year when we were not as “educated” Rock Stars as we are now! Can definitely see the positive influences of implementing the steps we have learned through the podcasts and webinars here on Rockstars! December is DEFINITELY starting out as a “rocking” month!

Jim & Barbara

Grandpas’ Trading Company

·        I was just approved to be a bookseller on Barnes and Noble’s website! It’s a bit of a long process, so I was very happy to have gotten my approval!

I just received my 5,000 feedback! AND! My husband picked up a box of misc bells at an auction for $3.00. Cowbells, sleighbells, etc. Two were silverplate, so we polished them up and started listing. You won’t believe this! Can someone calculate the rate of return on that baby?!?


Jennifer – Precision Bluing Plus

·        Because we are Rockstars and have learned some great customer service tips I just got this feedback…

“Best Seller I’ve dealt with in 10 years! Thanks for your extra effort & + attitude”

and I am so humbled because it was on a sale that I made a mistake. I turned a negative into to a positive. Sure made my day.

A Priceless Princess

·        Just made Power Seller! Woohoo!!!!
Cara –

·        I tried my hand at eco-friendly toys on the store, and happy to say they were hits. They did so well, I had to pull the ones I had on Craigslist of to fill the demand.
The purse hooks are still going strong and I can’t keep my rusted metal wiener dogs in stock to save my life (which is good for the artist). This has been the best Christmas season I have had.

And all because of the 1% training!

Patricia – Hound and Handbag

·        Just made 1000 feedback!


·        I just realized that my DSR’s are 5.0, 5.0, 5.0 & 5.0! Guess that’s a gold medal in the DSR olympics (LOL)! Nice way to end the year -

Marlene – The Savvy Seller

·        My DSR’s are on the up and up!! 2 4.9’s (item as described & shipping & handling times) and 2 5.0’s (communication and shipping time)!!

Greta – Insatiable Geisha

·        Had a great November due to the 20% Powerseller Discount – FREE SHIPPING really helped and I received 40% on more than 80% of my listings !!!

I am thrilled that my DSRs are up there & I will work my hardest to keep them that way !!

Blessings + Best Wishes for a Joyous Holiday Season to my Rock Star Family

Maryann – Good Buys All The Time

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