Did you hear what eBay just announced? (19 Dec 08)

In this newsletter:

  • Are you REALLY ready for the buyers and their money?  I secretly shopped many of you…want to know what I found?
  • eBay News updates – includes an update from Dinesh Lathi that made my week!
  • Why keywords are so important – not just for your eBay auction titles anymore people
  • Elise is back with two goodies that she couldn’t decide between
  • Upcoming classes – MINI – The ‘ToGo’ products, and a new tool for eBay Store owners!


Seattle TimesYep, that’s here in Seattle.  Thankfully no one was seriously injured.  (picture by the Seattle Times)

How is your weather?  Days like today make me even more thankful that I have been blessed to be an entrepreneur whose only slippery commute is if I am running down the hallway and slide like in Risky Business.  I can’t imagine trying to be out today, much less the stress involved with trying to drive in this.

Seattle times 2


My poor USPS guy would attest to that.  He wonderfully showed up at my door bright and early again this morning to pick up another HUGE order of Profitable eBay Store CD Sets that were headed out.  I almost filled up the back of his truck!  Thankfully he had chains on his tires otherwise I doubt I would have seen him at all.  But from the thank yous that are already pouring in from people who are starting to receive the CD sets, I am very thankful that Mr. USPS guy is working so hard.


Holiday caseFor the next 8 orders that we receive for the Profitable eBay Stores Success CD set before midnight tonight, we will automatically upgrade you to Priority shipping for FREE (plus the price goes up tomorrow!)  I know my Post Office guy can’t wait to see me tomorrow morning again (perhaps I should bake him some cookies…)


Just heard from my friend Marsha Collier who has a fabulous stocking stuffer for you.  Her book, “Making Money on eBay for Dummies” has just been made into a smaller 4×6 version and will be released in the Target stores this week.  And, get this…it’s a BUCK.  Yep…100 peTargetExclunnies!!  Not only is this a fabulous stocking stuffer, but I have also been talking to some of my sellers and eBay Education Specialist who can’t wait to grab up a ton of these and use them with clients and put them in their boxes.  Great ‘gift’ to go in your boxes for not a lot of Moola (sorry, Matty made me put that there.) 

So look for this book at the checkout stands at your local Target while you are out shopping this week. (I SO bet that we will see these being sold up on eBay like crazy within the week)  Thanks for the heads up Marsha – always great to get the heads up before everyone else knows.  YOU rock!


CowSpeaking of Miss Matty, she is rockin’ the Twitter space with her insane deals she is finding – www.twitter.com/moremoola.  Many of them are only good for one day or even sometimes for only an hour – they are THAT hot!  She has free shipping deals, coupons, one time offers – you name it.  That Cow is costing me some money this week – LOL.  Currently she has up a beautiful diamond pendant, 50% off the Popcorn Factory, and information on an eBay deal.


For our Jewish friends…Happy early Hanukah.  I found this Droidel for you – trust me, it’s spelled right.  http://www.starwars.com/kids/activity/crafts/f20051216/index.html?page=1


May the Force be with ALL of you this weekend as the shoppers spend with open hearts and wallets!!  And if you are still stumped what to get the Star Wars fan on your list, as a fellow Star Wars freak might I suggest http://shop.starwars.com/catalog/product.xml?product_id=1307702;category_id=423;pcid1=;pcid2=   I would SO be a morning person for that.

With HUGE blessings,



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Choose Success today

Are you REALLY ready for the buyers and their money?  I secretly shopped many of you, want to know what I found?


With the current weather situation across the country, more people than ever will be utilizing the internet this weekend to do last minute holiday shopping.  Here is a recent article that mentions stats, but I think it will be even higher since many people can’t currently drive on their roads to get to the malls (plus why in the world would you want to go to an overpacked, stressed out mall?):


More consumers than last year will turn to web to finish holiday shopping

With the days to Christmas winding down, a significantly larger portion of consumers than last year plan to complete their holiday shopping online. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2008 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, 40.2% of consumers plan to buy the rest of their Christmas gifts on the Internet vs. 34.9% at this time last year.



Are you ready for the buyers and their money?  Do you:

  • Have Buy It Nows on your listings so they can purchase quick (and get you the money quick)?
  • Offer Express shipping and include wording in your listing that says ‘we ship the same day you pay’?
  • Provide a gift wrapping service so you can save them time?
  • Include ways that they can easily get hold of you if they have further questions about their potential purchase?
  • Allow them to have the present shipped directly to their gift receiver?
  • Utilize the Free Shipping opportunities eBay has set up?


I have made a concentrated effort to shop from smaller sellers this year and specifically from people who subscribe to this newsletter.  I shopped with many of you…some of you received my money – many of you didn’t.  For those of you who didn’t, it was almost always because of one of the reasons above.  One seller wanted to charge me $18 for some small plastic toys – egads!  While you are trying to make money on your shipping, you are actually losing many buyers in the process.  Another had exactly what I wanted, but all of their listings were in auction format and set to end the day before Christmas.  Another had so much ‘scrooge’ writing in their listing that on principal alone I refused to give them my money.  Were any of these people you?  I hope not.  But you still have a smidgen of time to fix it before the buyers descend onto the internet looking for exactly what I have listed above in the bullet points.  I know as soon as this newsletter is finished my final last-minute shopping will be happening online – mostly at eBay.  Will YOU get my money…or will I silently leave your listings and spend my cash with someone else?


Choose Success today


eBay News Updates




Choose Success today


Why keywords are so important – Are YOU intimidated by them?


Just received this note from one of our local Rock Stars Rina of Niche Marketplace:

Check out this recent Seattle Times article which appeared in the Job Market section (maybe jobseekers should take your Profitable Keywords Class). Entitled “Tailor resumes to catch the eye,” the subheadings for the article (which don’t show up on the electronic version) were “Keywords are important on electronic version” and “You can’t get to the  interview if you get filtered out.” 


If I could pass a law for entrepreneurs to do only one thing in their business, it would be to have an updated Profitable Keyword sheet to run their business with – it amazes me how few companies actually create one, much less use it correctly.  As an eBay seller you would have a definite jump on the competition if you only understand the words YOUR BUYERS are using to find your products…and then place them correctly on your site(s) for full optimization.

A recent survey by Microsoft Advertising says that Small Businesses are intimidated by Search Marketing.  “Moreover, 73% of small business owners say they are so intimidated by search marketing that they would rather do their taxes than create a search marketing plan, the research found.”  I don’t understand why.  It’s actually quite easy if you just follow the steps and utilize the tools that are already there.  The article went on to say:

“The survey, which examined the search marketing behaviors of 400 small-business owners in the US, also revealed that despite the lack of investment in paid search marketing, the weakening economy and increased competition, 86% of small-business owners surveyed felt that they could be missing opportunities to grow their business, while three in four believed prospective customers might be searching online for the type of service their business offers.”

Our Rock Stars who have gone through the Profitable Keyword training are reaping the benefits from jumping forward on the search engines and leaving their timid competitors behind.  It’s not hard… we walk you through step-by-step on how to locate the words your buyers are using, set up your Profitable Keywords sheet and explain where and how to use these powerful words.

The Profitable Keywords CD is one of my favorites and I have it right here on my desk.  Many of the tools & process on that training I use on a daily basis.  You can purchase that CD here: http://www.janelleelms.com/ebay-success-tools/keyword.html

CdBUT…I just realized that we have ONE combo CD set left at http://www.janelleelms.com/ebay-success-tools/google/  This set includes the very popular Google Local CD AND the Profitable Keywords CD in one set for a price that will be going up tomorrow.  (Scroll down to the BONUS area on that page to see this deal and grab it quick!)  If you are fast you might be the lucky person to get this amazing combo deal at this low price.

Keywords and getting great placement on Google won’t intimidate you any longer! 



Profitable Blogging


Elise – Holiday Gift Giving Magic

While out scouting for fabulous gifts for you to give this year, I came up with two…but couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  So I am just including both.

One is for your holiday table decorating (great hostess gift too!)…and the other is for anyone on your list who owns a CD or a DVD.  PLUS, they can both be shipped to arrive by Christmas!!

First up…

FUN Suggestion for setting a wonderful holiday table – Turnwald Silver signed sets of figural napkin rings, NEW in gift boxes of 4, set four “Happy Feet” Penguins.  Mix and Match with Peacocks, Turbo Shells, Crabs, Dragonflies, Birds – you name it. Strass crystal stones on signed Silver plate Turnwald bases. Mix for an eclectic table setting, but all bases are the same so there is a unified look to your table. Miniature “sculptures” for each guest to admire!

Elf 12-19

Just got this email from the Big Head Honcho:

Hey Elise…wanted to tell you what I am getting all the people on my list this year.  Thought this recent event might help you understand why I love it so much…

Saaaaaaaaaanta!!  We need you!  Our favorite Mario game won’t work right in the Wii!

‘Oh, no,’ I thought, I’ll never get the Christmas shopping done this way. I’ll just have to get up from the computer and see what’s going on. On the way to the elves playroom something else hit me – what if yet another one of our expensive game discs are scratched?  “Somebody help me!!” my head screamed.

By the time I got to the family room, there was this black and orange figure standing there beside the wide-eyed elves. He smiled and said, “Did I hear the words, ‘Somebody help me!!’? 

Wow!  It’s the SkipDr!!  Let’s try it!!

He went to work….spray, spin and shine….all done now!  It worked!!  No more skip, no more scratch, the elves are playing and I’m back to shopping!  Perhaps we should put him on the North Pole payroll.

The SkipDr said he can clean and repair all my CD;s, DVD’s, HD DVD’s PS2 discs, XBox and Xbox game discs in addition to the Wii discs!  He’s really saved the day!!  I’m going to order one for everyone on my ‘good’ list – and the price is right.  Now I can get Mrs. Claus that diamond necklace she’s been wanting. 

Thank you, SkipDr!!

S. Claus

PS – you aren’t giving away ALL my gift giving secrets are you Elise?

Till next time my darling merry makers (& don’t tell Santa what I have been up to…),


Flip video for eBay Live


New Classes coming up…


Hey…get registered ASAP for these classes. All OSI Live classes are fr-ee to attend and instructions are included during the registration process for both the podcasts and the webinars. When the class says, OSI RS Exclusive, only OSI Rock Stars are allowed to attend.

Remember, you can either ask a question for our special guest or simply put “I Choose Success” in the question box.


12/17/08, Wednesday at Noon pst/3pm est  – OSI Rock Star Exclusive

MINI – iGoogle –

I use iGoogle as one of the main tools in my business.  It provides blog/newsletter ideas, keeps me up to date on the info I need, and allows me to be organized.

You can watch this class at: http://osirockstars.com/?p=723


12/19/08/08, Friday at Noon pst/3pm est – OSI Rock Star Exclusive

MINI – Google Docs

Google Docs is a favorite of mine and I use it for online organization of some of my most important documents including excel, powerpoints and word docs.

You can watch this class at: http://osirockstars.com/?p=724




12/23/08, Tuesday at Noon pst/3pm est – OSI Rock Star Exclusive

MINI – The GoTo Products

I use many of the GoTo products in my business including GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToMyPc.  I will show you an overview of how these tools fit into my business and then we can have additional classes on them if you would like.

Register for this MINI class at: http://osirockstars.com/topic.php?id=892&replies=1


12/30/08, Tuesday at Noon pst/3pm est – Sales in a Click – Marketing for your eBay Store

Greg Bala from Sales in a Click will share an overview of this new powerful tool that you should be using in your eBay business.

Check out the product (and it’s free 60 day trial) at Sales in a Click

Save your seat on this audio interview at www.Ask-The-Entrepreneurs.com








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