We have lost a Rock Star and gained an angel (14 Dec 08)

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  • The release of the Profitable eBay Store 7-CD set (and your exclusive limited time pricing) Final Day at this price

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“There are stars who’s light only reaches the earth long after they have fallen apart. There are people who’s remembrance gives light in this world, long after they have passed away. This light shines in our darkest nights on the road we must follow.” – The Talmud quotes



PrudentpamWith sadness for the incredible loss from our community, and with a heart of joy that she is now in a place without pain…I wanted to let you know that our Rock Star, Pam (also known as eBay Grandma) has gone on to heaven this week. I have no doubt that she is showing God how he too could be a Giant Squid :)

You can read more about Pam and her inspirational mindset here: http://www.squidoo.com/beatingcancer
as well as throughout this incredible Squidoo thread here: http://www.squidu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=26310&p=1  For our Rock Stars who have lost an incredible inspiration, blessing, joy, mentor and friend, we have started a post on the discussion boards as well – http://osirockstars.com/topic.php?id=890&replies=9  I spoke to her daughter Megan yesterday who said that she would like to log on to Rock Stars in the future and check out this family that her Mom talked about so much.


The part of Pam that I always carry in my heart is that I would actually forget that she was sick or had cancer. Pam didn’t complain or remind or fuss – she just lived. She chose Life with a passion and determination that we could all stand to remember. Her emails to me were always about just one more thing she could do to run a successful business or help out a fellow Rock Star or contribute in some other way. She was always uplifting on the RS boards and supportive to everyone who she came in contact with.  What an incredible way to live a life.

During my talk with Megan about her incredible Mom, she mentioned this powerful skill Pam had of enjoying her world so fully.  She said that because of her mom’s desire to live BIG and to Choose Success that her eBay Store and business were getting picked up on Google and that sales were starting to really increase.  Bless her heart as a family comes together to remember an incredible life, that she seeks to carry on the Success of what her mom had started.  Absolutely wonderful that Pam has obviously passed on her mindset to her daughter as well.  (Although Megan said that she was a bit overwhelmed as to where all her mom’s inventory was…lol…I think we can ALL relate to that!)


Pam participated heavily with the LAM foundation – you can read more about that here: http://www.squidoo.com/superherolamfoundation

If you would like to make a donation in Pam’s name, the family has requested that you do so at: http://www.thelamfoundation.org/donate.html  Prayers for her family are always welcome.


I love this comment from one of our Rock Star teams on the boards…definitely a wonderful way of honoring Pam:

Life is precious and often WAY too short. We never know when we may be called. Feel sure Pam would want us to continue to live life to its’ fullest and keep on pursuing our dreams and our entrepreneurial successes, just as she did. Her many Rockstar friends and family will so miss her. Always enjoyed her comments on the podcasts and the forums as well. She had a gift for being insightful. Am sure her light will shine brightly from above and she will continue to be an inspiration to us all.

Jim & Barbara  - Grandpas Trading Company


In honor of Pam’s Success mindset (and because she recently went through the eBay Stores training herself!)…

Since we expect many people today to purchase the Profitable eBay Store training at its lowest pre-order price…we will be donating 25% from all sales made in the next 24 hours to the Lam Foundation in Pam’s name.


With many blessings to you,



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The release of the Profitable eBay Store 7-CD set (and your exclusive limited time pricing) Final Day at this price


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Wendy Siegel, Certified Education Specialist Trained by eBay


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Holiday 7

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CowThat is a great deal Elise.  I snuck into Janelle’s Delicious account and found all sorts of deal sites she shops at:

The ‘Who Knows’ gift – these websites are super fun…new deal daily and you never know what you will find when you click here http://www.thingfling.com/   I know Janelle has done quite a bit of her shopping there this season.

·        http://gearattack.com/keeps track of the following sites (thanks Denise for sharing this one!):

o       http://sac.gearattack.com/ – amazingly cheap brand name products – one at a time

o       http://wm.gearattack.com/ – great clothes – currently up is a $19 shirt for $1.99

·        If you love these one day-thrill of the hunt sites – check out the big one here: http://www.siteage.com/ – this includes jewelry, clothes, gadgets, cigars, wines and much more.

Giving Back – I know Janelle’s favorite gifts to receive are the ones that help others.  Here is a short list of some of these amazing sites:

·        Bead For Life – http://www.beadforlife.org/BeadforLife eradicates extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens. Ugandan women turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful beads, and people who care open their hearts, homes and communities to buy and sell the beads.

The beads thus become income, food, medicine, school fees — and hope. It is a small miracle that enriches us all.

All profits from BeadforLife are invested in community development projects that generate income and help people work their way out of poverty.

  • Charity Gift Certificates – www.CharityNavigator.com – Good Cards (CharityNavigator.com) are the gift certificates of the philanthropy world. You set the price; recipients pick the charity. Perfect for those bosses, co-workers and clients you’re stumped on.
  • World of Good –  www.WorldofGood.com  - More than 15,000 eco- and socially conscious goods are available (some from as low as $2.50) on WorldofGood.com. Shop by gift category, or, if you’d like, “purchase impact,” be it eco- , animal-, or people-friendly. Each product is vetted and comes with a short description so you can see exactly where your money is going. Fair-trade lip balms, organic soaps and bath fizzers are all under $15 and make excellent stocking stuffers.
  • Pets – www.HoorayForTheUnderdog.comAlready have the perfect present for Fido? Attach a card from Hooray for the Underdog, a line by photographers Janet Healey and Joe Grisham — a husband-and-wife team who sell stylish greeting cards featuring pictures of dogs and cats up for adoption in shelters. Ten percent of proceeds ($3 for cards) go to animal welfare groups and shelters.
  • Donate a Flock of Chickens, Share of Tree Seedlings, or Knitting Basket of Llamas and Sheep – www.heifer.orgHeifer International gives poor families a sustainable source of food and income by buying them livestock with your donation. For example, for $20 you can give a family a flock of chicks that will provide them with eggs to eat, share or sell. One good hen can lay up to 200 eggs in a year. You can even create a Heifer International gift registry for yourself to send to your friends and family.

Free Shipping – this season it’s all about the Free Shipping.  I found an easy way to locate the sites with Free Shipping.  Here are my two favorite links:

·        http://www.freeshippingon.com/ – includes coupon codes for free shipping.  This is a good one to also share with YOUR eBay buyers as it also searches eBay.

·        http://www.freeshipping.org/ – Did you know December 18th is Free Shipping day?  Yeah, me either…but yeah for us!!

Till the next moooovelous time!


& Till next time my darling merry makers,



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