How to go from $900 a month in sales to $5,698.64 (23 Oct 08)

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PumpkinHow is October almost over with?  Are you a bit stunned like me that the major holidays are just around the corner?  Hopefully you have your ‘pr packets’ ready to hand to the parents (potential customers) when they bring their little ones trick-or-treating next week.  I’m just finishing mine up – a postcard with what I ‘want them to do’, couple pieces of candy in an easy to carry gift bag with one of my company stickers on it.  Maybe yours includes a sample or two?  Coupon?  Boy if you are an Education Specialist, this is ideal for you – an upcoming class schedule handed out to ‘those who want to make a few extra dollars for the holidays’…and what about the Trading Assistants?  Perfect to include a postcard offering to pick up their unwanted ‘junk’ and return with cash for their holidays.  Remember, if you answer your 5 Success Questions, you will know where your buyers are and how to market to them!


Although I have updated my eBay business for the new seller requirements, I definitely have a few last minute holiday chores to complete for my business this weekend.


  • Finish my holiday promotional items from Vista Print – think of ways to get your customers to return to you in the months following the holidays!  Currently they are offering many items for free and free 14 day shipping on orders over $50 and 50% off of their holiday products including 2009 calendars (get your customers to ‘look’ at you for 12 months!)
  • Double-check to make sure my eBay Store, websites, and communications are on full-automation – if you’ve done a season online before, you know how chaotic the next couple of months will be.  I know I won’t have time to mess with extra work in November or December – going to let all the people/companies/software/tools I have do the work for me.
  • Check box, tape, and label levels in my shipping area – I think I am pretty good here, but want to order a few more international boxes since the international buyers are increasing (& will continue to do so for the holidays) because of the American dollar.


For more ideas on getting ready for the holidays, check out the 4-part series we did on “Selling for the Holidays” including sourcing, Amazon, eBay and more.


I CHOOSE Success at OSI Rock StarsThank you all so much for your amazing emails, cards and even gifts (wow!!) that you have sent in congratulating us on our One Year Success Anniversary with OSI Rock Stars.  Although I have been in the eBay world of selling (and not receiving a paycheck from someone else – yeah!) for over a decade now, the community of OSI Rock Stars was just started last Fall.  I am so very honored to have such an amazing group of online sellers who Choose Success.  Read some of their inspiring stories below. 



I was listening to the live call for eBay’s Q3 investor announcement.  As mentioned, here is a link to the NY Times who has a great article about the financial facts of what eBay said.

However, as I was listening, I made some notes of some points I thought were interesting:

  • The amount of sellers that have DSR’s of 4.8 and higher has increased by 20% in the last 6 months
  • Buyers have stopped buying from the ‘bad sellers’ on eBay (makes sense, not even sure how they would find them now with Best Match – lol)
  • Buyers have responded positively via quantitative data (feedback, etc) to the higher DSR seller’s.  However, due to current economic situations that response has not yet included an increase in sales.  eBay expects that to happen in time.
  • Fixed priced successful listings went up again – 46% (hello?  What have we been telling you for the last two years?  Listen to your buyers.)
  • eBay’s outside acquisitions (i.e. Classifieds, Skype, StubHub, etc) are rockin even in this economic climate.  Increases were seen from 46-127%
  • PayPal has become eBay’s golden child with their increasing numbers.  They now have penetrated 35 of the top 100 e-commerce businesses. 
  • There has been a marketing shift to spending more money on buyer retention (finally!)
  • Bill Me Later (one of their more brilliant acquisitions) is expected to be completed by mid Q4 – hopefully they have enough time to put it in place for our holiday buyers.


Will be interesting once the economy stabilizes to get a true sense of how eBay’s changes for 2008 REALLY affected the site.  Right now it is difficult to compare numbers with the downshift in the economy.  I am very thrilled at their purchase of Bill Me Later and can’t wait for that to be completed.


With blessings,


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Our One Year Anniversary – special savings on OSI Rock Star memberships for 10 days only!!

Pretty incredible month in my world – our first year anniversary of the creation of OSI Rock Stars!  Everything I wanted for this first year has happened and SO much more thanks to all of our Rock Stars.  Together we have created a positive educational site where people who Choose Success can come together to support, encourage, learn, grow, and make their dreams a reality.  Thank you for providing this blessing to me.

In the first year of OSI Rock Stars we have created an incredible place of Success that includes:

·      over 250 hours of Success education

·      more than 7 dozen special guests

·      exclusive Rock Star classes including Profitable keywords, the Blogging series, Ask Janelle, DYWMMON (Do You Want My Money or Not?), and more

·      36 forums with over 700 topics AND over 6200 posts in those topics!  What an incredible community!

·      extensive marketing and exposure for your businesses including additional traffic, higher search engine rankings, tv/radio/magazine exposure

·      business profits have increased by an average of 124% – but with many of you blowing that figure out of the water

·      introduced you to many new tools and marketing opportunities including Yodio, Deal4It, Twitter, Knol,

·      Kept you on top of all of the numerous eBay changes that occurred in the last year

·      kept our promise to open up new sales channels in your business by having classes on Etsy, Amazon, websites, etc

·      Got you exclusives for trials, beta testing, special pricing and information before anyone else got to see/know/play with it!

·       And my favorite – the incredible Success family that has grown on Rock Stars!!


In honor of this celebration of Success, I have been working on a special membership package so that everyone can have access to all of this and more!  So, from now until the end of the month (Halloween night at midnight pst to be exact) you will have a chance to become an OSI Rock Star with some very special Success pricing.


CdIf you purchase 7 months of OSI Rock Star membership, we will give you 5 months for free!! 

You save over $365!!  But that isn’t all…

If you join right now, you will get your CHOICE of any one of the CD’s from the OSI Success Library sent to you for free (Values up to $179!!)

Yes, this includes the VERY popular Profitable Keyword Training CD!


I can only do this for the next ten days and hope that my financial advisors don’t catch on before then.  You can register right now at


We hope you will join all of us Backstage at Rock Stars.  Our amazing community is incredible, supportive, brilliant, success-minded and ready to help you make your dreams a reality!!



Choose Success today


We have SO many amazing Rock Stars on the site.  They were all like you at one point…reading a newsletter or talking to someone about their business when they first heard about OSI Rock Stars.  The difference is that a year ago they decided to Choose Success and become an OSI Rock Star!  Here are just a few of amazing stories that they have to tell:


Maryann_the_Fryin_Pan_3_22_06Maryann Lowden

“How was I to know that this Gift would change my life ??  (before joining OSI Rock Stars…)My Sales were approximately $900.00 a month. August 2008 has currently been my best month with $5,698.64 in sales.”


My Success Story………..


I truly believe that I am the Poster Child for OSI RockStars, but then again, most likely every member of RockStars is thinking the exact same thing !!


I arrived early for a Seminar @ eBay LIVE 2007 and caught the last 5 minutes of Janelle’s eBay Stores class.


In her final 5 minutes of that class, I knew that if she was teaching another session that I would be sitting in the front row.     


Janelle’s teaching style was (and is) Magical – she is definitely the REAL DEAL and that 1st class made an ultimate impression on me.  I decided when I grow up, I wanted to be just like Janelle. 


After class, she was bombarded with questions, and Janelle answered each and every one. She mentioned she was on her way to a Red Sox game + I walked with her to the exit asking every question I could think of.


I started receiving her newsletter and then began receiving the OSI Rock Star Newsletters at the end of October.  I attended the Success with Cindy webinars that used to be held on Monday evenings and Janelle was a guest on the program.


For Christmas, my younger son asked me what I wanted as a present.  He said he wanted to get me something I really wanted (he was 18 and working his first job + had “real” money and wanted to get me something nice). I jokingly requested dancing lessons and much to my surprise, he came through with a gift certificate for $300.00 !!


As much as I appreciated his generosity, in hind sight, I regretted asking for something so “silly”  I made a commitment to myself to be successful on eBay and to do so, I needed to work smarter, not harder.   I went to my son and asked him if he would allow me to return the gift certificate + apply the money to the OSI Rock Star Program.


How was I to know that this Gift would change my life ?? 

Janelle is actually a gift to all who participate in choosing success.


I joined RockStars in January 2008 – attended every OSI webinar faithfully – applied all the information to make my eBay store more attractive, learned how to blog, improved my DSRs, now have a website, shared with the fellow RockStars and my eBay Sales have soared in the past 9 months.      


My Sales were approximately $900.00 a month. August 2008 has currently been my best month with $5,698.64 in sales. September, I achieved SILVER PowerSeller status. 


Being a RockStar has had a tremendous effect in my life.

Janelle has provided all of us with the gift of confidence and determination.  She is so dedicated to sharing her knowledge – a rare quality.


They say “Knowledge is Power”……being a member of the Online Success Family has instilled in me the power to keep on keepin on, I refer to it lovingly as “RockStar Power”  


I owe my success to OSI RockStars – and “RockStar Power” both encourages and enables me to want to achieve MORE.


I love you, Janelle, and you can always count on me to be in attendance for each and every Webinar – I wouldn’t miss a minute !



Good Buys All The Time


MelissaMelissa Guernsey

Increased my confidence to take on challenges and to look at change as an opportunity instead of an annoyance.”

Thanks to OSI Rock Stars, this has been an incredible year for me…


  • Started a Blog
  • Guest on a National Radio Program with Griff
  • Joined Facebook, MySpace, Digg and Tribes
  • Built numerous Squidoo Lenses
  • Had eBay Store Professionally Designed
  • Became an Education Specialist and Started Teaching
  • Received Affiliate Income
  • Consistently Maintained 4.9 and Higher DSR’s
  • Increased Arsenal of Success Skills
  • Knowledge of the Internet Grew Exponentially


And the Best Things…


Found a positive, supportive and giving group of online friends to laugh, cry and cheer with.


Increased my confidence to take on challenges and to look at change as an opportunity instead of an annoyance.


Improved my mental attitude which in turn has improved the quality of my life.


Learned that Janelle Elms is the best mentor and friend a person could ask for.


Know that my future is so bright, I’m gonna have to wear shades…


Congratulations on OSI Rock Stars One Year Anniversary!


Love, Hugs and my Eternal Thanks,

Melissa Guernsey :-)


MarleneMarlene Gavens

In addition, I’ve found a network of talented individuals who have a positive outlook on life and business and a willingness to offer support & share their knowledge.”



In the past year, because of the information, motivation & support provided on OSI Rock Stars, I have:   

*started a blog

*created squidoo lenses

*developed a podcast series

*created (business-related) YouTube videos

*become active in numerous social networking sites

*learned how to get on the first page of a google search

*made money from affiliate programs

*learned to set up RSS feeds

*got organized with iGoogle &

*keep on top of the latest info with Google Alerts  


In addition, I’ve found a network of talented individuals who have a positive outlook on life and business and a willingness to offer support & share their knowledge. As the subject of this month’s ‘case study’ I am truly amazed at the Rock Stars who have taken time out of their busy schedules to offer such valuable ideas and suggestions for my business.



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HOT – new book off the ‘press’ – “Blogging With Wordpress – The New Blogger’s Toolkit”


From our very own blogging and Wordpress expert Dany Byrne (check out the BONUS below too!)



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You’ll also learn:

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BONUS:  How would you like access to the Wordpress genius herself?  Dany is including a BONUS Wordpress class for all who purchase this book!  You can ask her anything!!  Plus, she will be showing you a few tricks of her own during this exclusive class.  This training will be in November, so get your book now and have your questions ready to go!



Profitable Blogging


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