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  • 5 Responses to “Success Answers with Janelle – September – Part 2”

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      onecrazyredhead Says:

      Can it get any better than this ??? YES, it can + it does !

      This Ask Janelle 2 hour session was the Best Call to Action class (my new favorite Janelleism)

      Janelle’s voice alone is encouraging, challenging, inspiring and in a nutshell sends the message: “What are you waiting for – let’s get it done”

      What I love is her conveyance of “I’m here to HELP you do it, not do it for you” That’s what our Fellow RockStars Team is here to do – What a Gift/Talent Janelle has.

      As mentioned – if her voice alone can produce such tremendous Rave reviews, Imagine what being in the same room with Janelle can accomplish !!!

      Yes, Ladies and Gentleman – onecrazyredhead is One True Believer – I now have a custom Page titled: I owe my Success to OSI RockStars…(check it out !!)

      I’ve been an OSI member for 9 months – the same timeframe most people can bring a newborn into the world – NO, I didn’t have a 3rd child, but, I myself, feel like a newborn…..Newborn with knowledge – confidence – higher DSR’s and eager to accomplish More. With Janelle’s guidance, I WILL.

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      worldwide-traders-online Says:

      Janelle, your wisdom touches my heart as much as my intellect. Thank you for giving me the courage to take the plunge to shift gears and truly take on my competition, he wouldn’t be so aggressive if I weren’t causing him “pain” so the gauntlet is thrown down….I’m ready to become more formidable, to own the knowledge that you have given me. To that end I’ve immediately changed my key words, deleted all categories not related to Day of the Dead, and will make sure the url is redirected to my eBay Store.

      My competition sells many items at lower price points resulting in a higher sell through and he always has a “buy it now” option on every listing. When I add “buy it now” my customers will wait to bid until the end of the auction. My strategy has been to draw customers to other items with higher price points given the time it takes to create my listings.

      When I first started on eBay I sold a wide variety of items and the reminents were still showing in my categories, as I do have other inventory still on hand other than my Day of the Dead niche. You are absolutely right it confused my buyers, and I was just lazy hoping it would sell…when the correct strategy is to open up an entirely new eBay Store and not pollute my Latin American brand or find another sales venue. I hesitated to do this as starting from scratch with zero feedback with a new eBay user name seemed daunting, plus the cost of a new marketing campaign, but I can trade on my 100% positive feedback with over 2,900 transactions to drive customers to a new store. Finding the time to accomplish this while developing off eBay websites for Day of the Dead and working full time will be challenging.

      Another option is listing wholesale lots of my non Latin inventory in the Reseller Marketplace as a near term solution to create more open to buy in my niche.

      Your wise counsel to not react from a fearful place is well taken and I hear you loud and clear. I’m appreciative of your advice and support of the Rock Star family. To have a educational format where we are comfortable asking the “tough questions” and can learn together is an opportunity that I will always be grateful for.

      The teacher has provided a clear assignment, now the student must do their due diligence.


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      Grandpa's Trading Company Says:

      Another extremely powerful “Success Answers with Janelle”. “Sales Channel Cannibalization” was not a term in our vocabulary until we listened to this webinar. Cautions about drop shopping and associated problems rearing its’ head. ALWAYS informative and inspiring knowledge to be gained from Janelle’s detailed answers to Rockstar questions! Thanks Janelle!

      Jim & Barbara

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      Great information as always. Nothing like learning from others – thanks to all who share their stores/listings with us.


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      Kat Says:

      Great advice on competitors and keeping our realities our own!