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  • 6 Responses to “Holiday selling on eBay”

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      onecrazyredhead Says:

      Hi everyone…..I was a late arrival on the call (was playing BINGO at the Foxwood Casino LOL !!!)

      I absolutely agree with Janelle – enclosing an extra “something” when sending packages to customers speaks volumes to your buyers – I speak from both the buyers and sellers point of view.

      I ordered magnets shaped like a STAR had my eBay Store Logo plus eBay user ID and website printed on them. I attach it to my personally signed Thank you note – printed on Colorful PURPLE stationary with SMILING STARS border. It certainly adds the magic touch – my customers feel special and valued and that is my goal.

      Also, as Janelle suggested – I have stickers that are round and have the hours of the day on them – I place them on the package – they are imprinted “SHIPPED WITHIN 24 HOURS” – guaranteed to increase your DSRs !!

      One last thing….I made my own adrress labels EXCEPT my message on them says “YOUR BUSINESS IS APPRECIATED – MY CUSTOMERS RECEIVE 5 STAR SERVICE” the bottom line is “a call to action” (my new favorite Janelle inspirational quote)Visit my eBay store AGAIN soon !! and my logo

      2 of the 3 Marketing Tools I’ve implemented are the 1st thing my customers see when they receive their package a 3rd surprise is the Star Magnet insinde the box…

      How much did this cost, you ask ??? The 24 Hr stickers (1,000 of them) cost $82.00 – the Star Magnets – (500 – $247.00) The Address Labels I print from home – package of 750 Avery Labels – $14.99)

      The old addage – “you have to spend money to make money” rings true – REPEAT BUSINESS is what it is all about – you can’t put a monetary price on good CUSTOMER SERVICE

      I STRIVE FOR 5 STARS and I’m reaching for the sky !!

      Love to all of you !!


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      Grandpa's Trading Company Says:

      Thank you, Janelle, for this excellent reminder that we need to “gear up” for the season right NOW if we want our profits to ramp up as well. LOVED all of your suggestions for marketing yourself. While doing holiday “wrapping” is an extra step that takes time, can see how it will make you stand out in buyer’s favor. We purchased our wrapping paper last year at Target exactly 8 days after Christmas for 90% off. Matty Moola would like THAT tip. Usually Target holiday merchandise goes for 50% off the day after Christmas, 75% off a week later and before New Years it is discounted to 90% off! Granted most of the “best” stuff is gone but if you only are looking for the wrapping paper, there is ALWAYS some left at 90% off markdown. Think we purchased about 50 rolls 44 cents each. Also, at 90% off we purchased three packs of Planter’s nuts that had a holiday logo on the outer box. They were less than 29 cents for an 8 oz can! Just remove the paper wrapper, stock your gift closet with them and you have ot only great “fill-in” gifts throughout the year, but lots of nuts for your holiday “Chex” mix gifts, if you are so inclined. Never hurts to think ahead!

      We always try and ship within 24 hours but think highlighting this in you listings between now and Dec 24th a powerful tool with the free gift wrap offered.

      Jim & Barbara

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      houndandhandbag Says:

      Thank you Janelle for this class. I’ve got some work to do!

      I used to do gift baskets, and we had all these sampler hot chocolates and cappuccino mixes that were not very expensive…it’s also something people wouldn’t get for themselves. I think I’ll throw those in. Especially the pink one that says Hot Momma on it.

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      This was just what I needed to hear. In fact, I’m going to listen to it again right now.

      I love all your great ideas Janelle and am planning on incorporating them into my holiday selling plans.

      Putting a little something extra in with a buyer’s purchase is such a wonderful way to promote good will and a great impression of your business. I will certainly be doing that.

      Great training!!!!


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      Great class, Janelle. I’ve been away from OSI for a while, but I’m looking forward to listening to all of the classes that I’ve missed. I’m a bit behind on the holiday prep, but I did just order my free holiday postcards from Vista Print to add to outgoing shipments starting mid-November.

      Alter Ego Comics
      E-Commerce Instructor

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      Kat Says:

      Great tips and love the newsletter and giftcard ideas!