Powerful eBay Marketing secret revealed (11 Apr 08)

In this Success Newsletter:

  • Help Wanted – Free membership to Rock Stars – FINAL DAY
  • eBay Facebook update
  • Are you ready to Squidoo and have someone do it for you too?
  • New Class replay is up – “Marketing with Classified Ads”

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I’m having a garage sale this Saturday!!

For those in the NW area, I am NOT moving all of this stuff to NY with me…so I am having a big garage sale (the first of a few I am guessing) on Saturday (tomorrow), April 12th from 10am – 2pm.  The sale includes: house wares, clothes, shoes, books, china, shelving, an old antique windows collection, patterns, light fixtures, games, dvds, Christmas stuff and a lot of the eBay inventory I have that I won’t get around to selling before moving.  Many brand names (Pottery Barn, Hallmark, Southern Living, Pampered Chef, Dockers, Baci, Tiffany & Fred, etc.)  Many things brand new – still with tags on them.  Heck, I even have a Hello Kitty toaster oven – brand new in box, a shredder (new), 4 boxes of mini Corona mirrors (don’t ask), an industrial mixer, TONS of baking pans (round, square, hexagon, you name it) a couple hundred ‘charm key tools’, and much more.  Many brand new gift items (clearing out my gift closet).  And a bunch of other ‘stuff’…but I have good taste so it should be a fun sale – LOL.  I also have, (but won’t be advertising yet), an aquarium, treadmill, x-large tv, antique armoire, and two large cubicle/shelving units.  If you are interested in any of those, holler and I’ll provide you details.

Address is: 3501 Wells Avenue SouthRenton, WA

Here’s the Google map link: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=3501+Wells+Ave+S,+Renton,+WA+98055,+USA&ie=UTF8&ll=47.449625,-122.206163&spn=0.031111,0.069008&z=14&iwloc=addr

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Since ‘tax weekend’ is upon us…I wanted to remind you that you have until the 15th to take advantage of the ‘secret savings code’ that Allegro Accounting provided the OSI Success Newsletter readers for their eBay tax accounting packages:


“Cathi’s bookkeeping service has been the best thing that ever happened to our e-commerce business. Her take-charge attitude, knowledge of online commerce and her quick ability to understand our needs has made a world of difference in our business productivity. Our financial records are now in first-rate shape and the business runs smoother than ever. Cathi is accessible, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”


- Eran Dekel, Partner

  De’Calo Fashion, LLC

  New York


Announcement from Allegro Accounting, Inc. – Your eBay & E-Commerce Accounting Experts!


Allegro Accounting, Inc. is very excited to announce the release of a much anticipated new product:


This product is a 17-page PDF document that explains every account in our specially designed Chart of Accounts for eBay & E-Commerce.  Also included for many of the accounts are examples of when to use the accounts. 


This is a companion product to several of our other products including:


Special Introductory Discount:  Save $5 when you use code ELMS415 at checkout.  Discount good thru 04/15/08 

If you are an OSI Rock Star, log onto the Accounting and Taxes forums on the site for even BIGGER savings!! http://osirockstars.com/topic.php?id=286&replies=1

Help Wanted – Free membership to Rock Stars – Final Day

OSI Rock Stars is looking for someone who:

·       would be thrilled to receive a free membership to the Success site

·       has basic working knowledge of YouTube

·       is detailed and timely

·       and has a flair for the dramatic (or just loves a great story!)

If this sounds like you, we will be holding ‘auditions’ this week for a new viral marketing person to add to our Backstage crew at OSI Rock Stars.  They will receive a full membership to OSI Rock Stars with ALL the benefits – a value of over $700.  In exchange, they will be doing some marketing work for us on YouTube while learning to increase their Success on Rock Stars!

Please send the following information to info@janelleelms.com if you would like to be considered:

·        Name

·        Email address

·        eBay Store link (If applicable)

·        and why you would be an amazing addition to our crew

Entries need to be in by this Friday, the 11th.


eBay Facebook update

Just announced…You can easily update your Facebook news feed with your auction listings in real time – how cool is that!  I made you a short ‘how-to’ video to show you how easy this is to do (and this is coming from someone who can’t figure out Facebook to save her life – lol!) You can view it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-lcb_qfYEo&eurl=about:blank

I also love that Facebook is helping us use their powerful tool to promote our business – check out their Business pagehttp://www.facebook.com/business/?pages


Holiday Stores Banner

Are you ready to Squidoo and have someone do it for you too?

Announcement from Stephanie at Katiyana’s Collectibles – OSI Rock Stars’ own resident Giant Squid:


Katiyana’s Collectibles is very excited to offer a new way for you to take advantage of the power of Squidoo for promoting your businesses – customized Squidoo lenses built for you!   If you don’t have the time to build & maintain lenses to promote your business, outsource that work to a proven expert with almost 200 lenses of her own!


Stephanie is taking her made-to-order business model in a new direction by offering lens building services to sellers across a number of venues including eBay, Etsy, Blujay, and Ecrater.


There are two pricing options available for each venue:


1)     A flat fee for a custom built lens that once completed to your satisfaction will be transferred to your own Squidoo account to maintain and update going forward

2)     A reduced rate flat fee for a custom built lens that once completed, Stephanie will use her Squidoo knowledge and talents to market and promote the lens to help drive additional traffic to your store.  In exchange for this additional promotional work, Katiyana’s Collectibles will keep any affiliate and/or Squidoo earnings the lens generates.


Full details including pricing options for each venue along with Buy It Now buttons for Paypal payments are available here:  http://www.squidoo.com/ebay-marketing-on-squidoo 


Bluehost.com Web Hosting $6.95 


New Class replay is up

Marketing with eBay’s Classified Ads – Part 1

“When eBay first announced their new rules regarding eBooks and classified ads, I knew that I would not have to waste any of my valuable time trying to figure out what it meant for me on my own.  I knew that Janelle and her wonderful team would have a special training and resources ready very soon and I could learn all I needed thru her and the OSI Rockstars.”  Cathi of Allegro Accounting


“The classified ad has lots going for it!! You may think you’ve never seen one but you probably have. They actually have better visibility on eBay than most Store listings.

Janelle showed several ads and each one was set up to achieve a different goal. I already use the classified ad format but learned new ways to make it work even better.

You’ll be surprised what you can do with a classified and with what it can do for you!! Looking forward to Part II.”

Marlene – Your Hometown eBay Expert!


“I have been looking at classified ads on eBay and never knew it!  There are so many uses for this inexpensive marketing tool.
Thank you, Janelle.  This webinar was a real eye opener.”

Melanie – Alpaca Fiber eBay Store


Definitely a revenue-producing tool for most Rockstars!  Until Janelle started discussing the classifieds, we had not heard of them and we’ve been around eBay for 11 years!  We have two and possibly three ways we are planning to utilize these in our business/marketing model, but will await Part Two of this excellent series of webinars before we employ them. 


Thanks again for opening our eyes to what has been there all the time!” 


Jim & Barbara Nelson – Grandpa’s Trading Company


This is the first in a 2-part series covering eBay’s secret marketing tool – the Classified Ads
In this first class we cover:

  • What a Classified Ad is
  • What type of business and products this marketing tool works best for
  • The fees associated with the Ad
  • How they work with your eBay auctions, Stores and website
  • The do’s and don’ts
  • Setting one up for your business

Check out how easy it is to set up a Classified Ad on eBay that shows up in the main search.


Spring Clearance at VistaPrint! Save up to 90%! 


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