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  • 4 Responses to “Success With Cindy – additional revenue products for ESP’s”

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      Grandpa's Trading Company Says:

      Cindy & Janelle bring us two full hours of incredible & motivational suggestions for Education Specialists to increase their success. As a new ES, with my first class next week, this was just the class I needed to get my gameplan ready! Unfortunately we are not ALL fortunate enough to have an entire state to ourselves like Melissa of Infant Traveler, so we have to try to stand out from the rest of the ESPs in our areas. No better way to do that than by listening to two of the world’s top ESP’s bat their exciting ideas around for us all to benefit from. No better mentors on the planet to learn from! Listen VERY closely to the little-known classified ad advice shared here! YES!!

      Jim Nelson

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      I have been an ES for almost a year but have only taught 2 individuals. I have made a goal for myself to become a Certified Business Consultant within 2 years and this class gave me the tools and inspiration to do just that. It reminded me that I already have a contact at a local Continuing Education program and have neglected calling. I will be making that call tomorrow as well as checking a few more items off the long list I made today.

      Have Fun!

      Michael W. Mills

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      What a informational and motivational class! Janelle and Cindy take us all from the first of eBay and their first eperiences teaching as ESP’s up to today and the ‘new kids on the block’ like myself just starting out.
      They share revenue opportunities in ‘back of the room’ sales. What type items to tie in to the classes, where and how to get them. A great tip is using vendor give aways. As Janelle puts it, ‘the larger vendors have the budget for give aways and marketing’. Love it!
      Janelle and Cindy also go through affiliate marketing to sell other peoples’ products to enhance your revenues. Some great tips here…I ran out of page to write on when taking these notes!
      I enjoyed listening to the ideas Janelle and Cindy had for the three ESP’s to help them set up their advertising, improve their Instructor bio pages, PR packets to hand out…the list goes on and on. Very informational. I’ve gotten so many ideas just listening to this one class! Janelle mentioned everyone would be working for awhile after the class with all the info contained..exactly where I’m headed now!
      Thanks again to everyone on the podcast…Janelle, Cindy, Patti, Melissa and Marlene. I know everyone appreciates all of you for this wonderful insight!

      Mary Evans

      Drei Katzen Media

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      Kat Says:

      Great class with specific income ideas – love Janelle & Cindy sharing their own products and experiences.

      thank you!