Support the Buyers, not the eBay Boycott (17 Feb 08)

In this Success Newsletter:

  • New classes for this week including: Revenue products for ESP’s, Research for Profits, 2-hours of Live coaching and more
  • Replays are up for ‘Additional Revenue Channels with Squidoo’ and ‘Using Etsy and other profitable venues’
  • Join me in the seller’s boycott – well, my version anyway – lol
  • Cindy Shebley voices her opinion (and I agree!!)
  • New PayPal acquisition

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You guys are going to wear me out this week – eeks! Boy do we have an amazing line-up…

New Classes for this week…

Hey…get registered ASAP for this week’s classes. All OSI Live classes are fr-ee to attend and instructions are included during the registration process for both the podcasts and the webinars. Remember, you can either ask a question for our special guest or simply put “I Choose Success” in the question box.

2/18/08, Monday at Noon pst/3pm est – Using research to lower your eBay Fees – a great refresher class in our current eBay Fees/Site changes series.

2/18/08, Monday at 6pm pst/9pm est – a very unique Success With Cindy class. For 5 lucky ESP’s, Cindy & Janelle will brainstorm additional revenue ideas for your business! Note: This will be a 90 minute class.

2/19/08, Tuesday at Noon pst/3pm est – Another Rock Star Exclusive training – Our very own Listing Coach and PowerSeller Carol Hearn does Success coaching on some lucky listeners listings.

2/20/08, Wednesday at 1pm pst/4pm est – Another Rock Star Exclusive training – Learn about the new benefits for becoming a PS, tips on getting that status, and how to keep your PS status.

2/21/08, Thursday at 3pm pst/6pm est – Another Rock Star Exclusive training – Ask Janelle – 2 hours of Success Coaching just for you.

2/21/08, Friday at Noon pst/3pm est – Another Rock Star Exclusive training – Another class in our eBay Fees/Site changes series. With everyone’s gallery images now free, how will YOURS standout among the crowd? Join our fabulous photography expert Cindy Shebley as she gives you some brilliant ideas on doing just that!

You can find out more about these classes, as well as register, at: (scroll to the bottom of that webpage for upcoming classes, details and registration information).


Additional Revenue Channels with Squidoo

Join Stephanie, a Giant Squid, and Squidoo expert who will show you how to utilize additional revenue channels using this powerful tool.
Stephanie shared:

  • What affiliate programs are
  • 4 ways to generate revenue on Squidoo
  • What RSS feeds are
  • How much money you could make on Squidoo
  • The benefits of the 4 types of Amazon revenue modules
  • The benefits of the eBay revenue module
  • The benefits of the RSS revenue module

Great additional revenue stream on top of a powerful marketing tool. Definitely a great webinar to have in your Success toolbelt.


ghost leg media

Using Etsy and other profitable venues

Join PowerSeller Stephanie as she shows you other venues where your customers might be shopping. Sites include: Etsy, eCrater, Blujay, and Prostores. She covers signing up, the fee structure, listing etc.

Another opportunity to diversify your business opportunities

Support the Buyers, Not the boycott

LOL…For full-disclosure, this is not the original newsletter article I wrote. The initial version of this article would have once again landed me on the eBay boards, misquoted like before for calling sellers stupid. Now although I would never call a person stupid, I was referring to their business logic at the time…and heck even Donald Trump or any other Successful business person would have responded the same way. When I released that emotional missive a few years ago, even though my name was dragged through the mud and muck of the eBay boards, my subscriber base increased and my sales skyrocketed because there were more people who Chose Success, than the grumpy few on the boards. But I still chose to change tactics this time because of my amazing Rock Stars, whom I am SO very proud of. They deserve to have the best paths of Success laid at their feet to continue their Tour of Success…

It’s all about them

Ok, so you are selling on eBay for a variety of reasons, but one of them is money. You want to make enough to play with, pay the car payment, replace another income, or surpass your wildest dreams. No matter what business you are in, that money will come from buyers. They are truly THE most important thing in any business. Setting up a business model because YOU want to sell xyz widgets will not be successful unless the buyers want to buy xyz widgets. Pricing the widgets based upon how much YOU think they are worth will not be successful unless the buyers are in agreement with your choices. Choosing to sell those widgets in a location because it’s convenient to you will not be successful unless it’s also convenient for the buyers. Being open hours that work with your schedule will not be successful unless the buyer has that same schedule. As far as the buyer is concerned, it’s all about them…and it should be. They have many choices in the e-commerce and real world and if the seller is offering choices that are agreeable to the buyer, then voila, a Successful business is birthed. Without the buy-in from the customer, the business will fail. Miserably.

Stop thinking like a seller, and start thinking like a buyer

Now…we are going on a shopping trip…you need some new shoes (always need new shoes – lol). You walk into the store and there are a few pairs scattered around the Store with the price on handwritten signs. There appears to be no one to help you, so you walk up to the counter. Behind the counter are the following signs: “NO RETURNS”, “PRICES DETERMINED BY CUSTOMER’S ATTITUDE”, “ALL SALES FINAL”, “WE ONLY ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING FORMS OF PAYMENT…”, and “WE WON’T SHIP – DON’T ASK”. Finally two people walk out from the stockroom and continue their conversation in front of you at the desk. “Do you believe they raised the rent again? I am SO tired of dealing with this. The mall 3 miles away hasn’t raised their rent for 2 years. We should move there. They don’t have much traffic, but that is good, at least the annoying customers won’t be bothering us all the time…” When you attempt to interrupt them so you can spend your money, they roll their eyes at each other and sigh, “yes?”

Your buyers don’t care

Usually I don’t take things personally – but this time I am because how my buyers are being treated on eBay by other sellers is hurting my business. eBay’s main reason for the recent fee/site changes had to do with retaining buyers – apparently they are leaving the site due to bad seller attitudes. Hopefully these sellers will find a home for their businesses away from eBay permanently after taking this next week off and the buyers will return and feel safe again.

The buyers don’t care about the fee/site changes. Heck, most of the buyers I polled for last week’s DSR training didn’t even know there were any changes and thought they still were susceptible to a seller’s retaliatory feedback. The buyers don’t care (& actually don’t like) negative emails about the fee/site changes. The buyers are also turned off when sellers’ use so-called professional auction listings and Custom Store pages to make their views of eBay known. They don’t care. And that’s ok – I don’t want them to care about those things…all I want them to do is think of nothing else besides having an enjoyable shopping experience and spending money with my business. After interviewing numerous buyers, I do know they care about being treated fairly, receiving honest feedback, being charged reasonable shipping & handling and finding exactly what they want on eBay. And heck, if it comes with amazing customer service, it’s a delightful bonus.

Panties in a Wad

During this past week I have received quite a few emails like the one below. They are all in response to the upcoming Boycott of eBay (2/18-25).

Janelle, I am on my knees thanking God for you right now, no kidding. I could be this guy! If we didn’t have you to show us the ropes, where oh where would we be? As Granny used to say “he has his panties in a wad!” We Rock Stars, on the other hand, have pulled our Big Girl Panties on and we are dealing! – thanks to you! Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU!

I am going to load up the store for the week of 2/18 – 2/25 so that I will get these folks (the boycotters) sales! Hey! If they want out, I will help them on their way. The very idea! Like Lewis Grizzard told the disgruntled, displaced Yankee, “Delta is ready when you are!”

YOUR ARDENT ADMIRER! The Fabulous and Funky, purveyor of Antiques, Uniques and one of a kind FINDS – not to mention A ROCK STAR!


I couldn’t agree with you more Janieruth!! And I know you are working hard this weekend on making sure YOU Support the Buyer AND set yourself up for success.

Support the Buyers, Not the Boycott

Starting February 18th, I ask that you join me in Choosing Success with ‘Support the Buyers, Not the Boycott as we show the buyers (who aren’t going anywhere) exactly what a fabulous 5-star gold service buying experience can be on eBay. My Rock Stars are preparing to go into battle over these forgotten buyers as we speak.

Here’s our battle plan for successful buyer wooing…

· My gift to you…two new logos you can use in marketing your choice of supporting the buyers. These will delight your buyers when they find them in your auctions, eBay Store Newsletters, and inserts in the boxes of the items they have purchased from you. You can find these at

· Watch the recent ‘Profit from the eBay Fee/Site Changes’ webinars (I think we have over 5 hours of content now along with checklists, reports and your bonus gift of ‘5-star Gold Customer Service’ images) You can view these powerful webinars at just like PowerSellers Jim & Barbara of Grandpa’s Trading Company who have been diligently watching and rewatching the fee/site change training (and another 6+ hours coming up) and reworking their 11+ year eBay business to be Successful and Profitable in moving forward.

· Since last year, the Rock Stars have been talking and learning about other selling venues – one of our brilliant Rock Stars, Richard of WindmillTrading, has been rationally looking at other selling venues and then sharing that information with the Success Newsletter readers.

· Go through your Success checklist this weekend and make sure you update everything with your new 5-star Customer Service Policies – checklist can be found at as well as your gift of the 5-star images you can use in your auctions and other marketing opportunities. Lynn of VintageAndNow has already started adding them into her listings –

· Analyze your fees and make a positive impact on your business model. Superstar Stephanie has been spending numerous hours analyzing her business and then teaching other Rock Stars how to do the same thing. You can see this informative webinar at

· Want to learn from a multi-channel success story? Alice of the award nominated eBay Store Alice in Stitches took time out of her busy and Successful business to teach the Rock Stars how to utilize Amazon as another channel to sell in. View your options of selling at other venues at

· Starting the evening of the 19th (at midnight), load up your Store with inventory. Utilize tools like Turbo Lister to automate this so you can start working on them now.

· Same thing with auctions – most important…be supportive of the buyer while taking advantage of the new lower insertion fees that allows us to list more items.

· Use your eBay Store newsletter to send out a positive email to your buyers letting them know you are there for them. FYI, since many of them don’t even know about the boycott, you may choose to not include that information or just include enough so they know what you are referring to.

· Check out the numerous Forum postings at Rock Stars where brilliant ‘Support the Buyers, not the Boycott” ideas are being created. Rock Star Rina of NicheMarketplace just wrote up a great 5-star Gold Service policy and shared it with her fellow Rock Stars on the forums.

· And don’t forget to head over to VistaPrint and ‘choose the reality’ that your buyers will have once they open their box from you. You can print labels, postcards, and more.

I could easily go on and on about how hard the Rock Stars are working at making their business model successful. For some this means reworking how they sell on eBay…for others they are attending the ‘other channel venues’ classes that we have been offering for the past few months…but ALL of them have never lost focus of what is MOST important They Choose Success in their business and that Profitable Success will come from delighted buyers.

Hi Janelle -

Thanks for such a comprehensive interpretation of all the changes! It was great to hear some of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ details!

…your style is so refreshing! I can’t take another newsletter from someone who only talks about how the changes are affecting them. I know it’s selfish but I’m interested in how they affect me. You always have ‘us’ as your focus and it’s really a breath of fresh air.



Thank you Marlene, couldn’t agree more. I felt it was very important to honor all of you who are choosing Success by spending the time to really research everything you could do for your continued Success. This education process has already taken over 50 hours…but as MY customers, you and your success are definitely worth it! Glad to delight you!!

The perfect marketing opportunity

(This is SO like shooting fish in a barrel)

With the press glomming on to every salacious rumor among the boycotters, they are primed for an eBay Story…but not the story their competitor just did about another eBayer sniveling about the fee increase. They want unique! This is a perfect opportunity for you to write up a short press release about joining the ‘Support the Buyers, not the Boycott’ and send it out along with info about your business and how you plan on ‘delighting the buyers’ as Bill Cobb put it. You can direct them to for additional information. (don’t forget a link to your eBay store!). Here are some contacts to get you started!

I can’t wait to hear about your Success stories over the next week. Post your decision to Support The Buyers everywhere you can think…forums, blogs, discussion boards, your website – I guarantee that you will get recognition and traffic during this time when people are seeking out positive change, growth and others who are Choosing Success.

ProStores 1 Month Free Trial

Cindy’s Online Newsletter

Just received my monthly newsletter from Cindy Shebley (if you haven’t had the fabulous honor of meeting her yet, head over to and get on her mailing list ASAP – she rocks! Cindy is a PowerSeller, an incredible photographer, an insightful member of the eBay community and an eBay Education Specialist & Certified Business Consultant.) Anyway, her newsletter this month wasn’t just amazing – it was truly, absolutely, fabulous – packed with TONS of important Success information. I pleaded and begged and gave away my first born child (ok, so she wasn’t so keen on the kid idea and I’m not having kids anyway…) in exchange for sharing the newsletter link with all of you. She, in the kind, considerate and sharing way she has, relented…because, as those of you who know her Cindy wants you to be just as wildly Successful as I do. We love her for that!! So here you go (thanks Cindy for all the fabulous work you do!)

You subscribed to my newsletter for information to help you improve your online selling. To help you do that and I’m proud to announce that the February VideoZine is ready.

Among the many topics in the newsletter I’m adding my views on the new eBay feedback changes.

I’ve also included a free postcard template to toss into your buyers packages.

In this issue:
- Improve Your DSR With A Toss In
- This month we highlight Squidoo as part of a new ways to make money online
- Monday Night eBay Education Series
- Our four part ‘Adding Video to you eBay Listings’
- Book Review: PresentationZen by Garr Reynolds
- Update on Boot Camp Videos
- Online Classes This March

I hope I can help you learn in 2008 and that your business
grows beyond your expectations!


PS: The link is

FREE Business Cards Plus 14-Day Free Shipping $50+

From Internet Retailer –

PayPal beefs up security with the acquisition of Fraud Sciences Ltd.

PayPal has acquired Fraud Sciences Ltd., a privately held Israeli company with expertise in online risk tools, for approximately $169 million in cash.

PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay Inc., is a third-party payment service that pays merchants on behalf of consumers, who fund their PayPal accounts with payment cards or bank accounts. Fraud Sciences’ risk tools and analytics are expected to enhance eBay’s and PayPal’s proprietary fraud management systems and accelerate the development of next-generation fraud-detection tools.

Fraud Sciences has innovative risk tools and analytics—including expertise in identity verification on the web—that are complementary to PayPal’s proprietary anti-fraud system, a PayPal spokeswoman says.

“We have very, very good fraud models and anti-fraud engines,” she says. “But we know that we always have to iterate and improve because it’s an arms race. As you build more ways of preventing fraud in your system, fraudsters continue to try to challenge that.”

PayPal has a fraud-loss rate of 27 basis points, a rate below industry averages for card-not-present merchants, the spokesperson adds.

The acquisition follows eBay’s recently announced plans to improve trust and safety across its sites this year. “Integrating Fraud Sciences’ risk tools with PayPal’s sophisticated fraud management system should allow us to be even more effective in protecting eBay’s and PayPal’s hundreds of millions of customers around the world,” says Scott Thompson, PayPal president.

Key Fraud Sciences personnel will join PayPal’s technology and fraud management teams, including COO Yossi Barak, and co-founders Shvat Shaked and Saar Wilf. CEO Gadi Maier will provide strategic and operational support to the company during the acquisition period.

Fabulous blessings,


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