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    Grandpa's Trading Company Says:

    OSIRockstars is an AMAZING site!! It is TRULY all about YOU! Your education, your success, your marketing tips and your access to the legendary educators and visionaires of the marketing & internet world who are here to help YOU be successful!

    In this one, powerful website you will find all the tools you need to take YOUR business to the next, successful level! The Rockstar community is just one of the many facets that make this such a remarkable and powerful website. In the forums you can get help from experts in every field! When we had a problem inserting a link & graphics…a fellow rockstar actually created a video for us walking us through step-by-step the process to successfully complete the task. We were SO appreciative! This is the kind of community you will find here. Helpful, successful, supportive Rockstars who are here to help each other; no backbiting and friction as you find in so many internet forums. Rockstars DO absolutely care about each other and the feeling of community is very powerful & cohesive.

    Janelle Elms is the amazing woman who has had the foresight, vision & genius to create this fabulous website. We all owe her a huge debt of gratitude for the time and effort she has chosen to invest in her vision to share her vast knowledge to help make each one of her rock stars successful!

    Don’t believe us? Just take some time to look around the site; at the Forums, the Educational Stage, the Rock Star Bios. Find out why successful entrepreneurs are congregating here! We guarantee you won’t be sorry for coming aboard!

    We look forward to seeing you all backstage. You too will be reaping the benefits once you join!

    Jim & Barbara Nelson
    Proud OSI Rockstars, Roadies, Promotors & Groupie Managers


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    OSI Rock Stars is Education in a bottle available whenever you’re ready to use it. It is like attending dozens of eBay classes or seminars without ever having to fly anywhere, or book a hotel room, or arrange day care for your children. Classes are available across a wide range of topics from getting the most out of your eBay store, to making your listings more effective, to marketing lessons, and learning about tools you can use to improve your sales.

    OSI Rock Stars provides you with lots of rich content and information that you can apply to your business, and gives you the opportunity to share YOUR knowledge with the others in the community. I have been fortunate enough to participate in a webinar as a presenter about Squidoo , a tool that has become a major part of the marketing strategy of my business.

    2008 is going to be a year of major changes at Katiyana’s Collectibles as I reorganize my store and change my product lines. I’m going to be able to use the information I’ve learned at OSI Rock Stars to make that transition as successful as possible, and have the pleasure of sharing what I’ve learned as a long time eBayer and Squidooer with other members of the Rock Star community, so they can take advantage of these tools as well.

    Owner: Katiyana’s Collectibles

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    Whether you are a new online business owner or a seasoned Powerseller and are looking to take your business to the next level…OSI Rock Stars is the place for you!
    I have been a member since October and learn something new every day. The tips, tricks and techniques I’ve gained through the educational sources have increased my sales and store traffic over 25% in the first month!
    Janelle and her gurus have some of the best marketing and SEO tips available anywhere. The classes on this site given by video and audio are priceless!
    This site truly is a community for and by experts willing to give their knowledge to help their community grow and excel!
    This site truly does ROCK! Take control of your business and go to the next level with OSI Rock Stars!

    Mary Evans
    Drei Katzen Media
    eBay Powerseller, Education Specialist and OSI Rock Star!

    Drei Katzen Media

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    O – Online
    S – Success
    I – Institute

    R – raises
    O – our
    C – core
    K – knowledge
    S – so
    T – that
    A – all achieve
    R – remarkable
    S – success!

    The Online Success Institute Raises Our Core Knowledge So That All achieve Remarkable Success! (OSI ROCKSTARS!)

    Lee and Rhonda Walmsley, FastbackStack, LLC
    OSI Rockstar Roadies, Promoters and Elvis Impersonators!
    1964 1/2 – 1973 Classic Mustang Parts
    Original, obsolete and rare: we offer what no one else has!

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    AlfiesTreasures Says:

    OSIRockStars isn’t just about the training, it’s about the people. This is the place to get together with the most amazing, creative, knowledgeable and caring people all with the same goal in mind. OSIRockStars is so full of excellent information and everyone here is willing to help. Ask a question, no matter how “dumb” you may think it is, and you will get considerate responses that will help you grow your business. I have participated in several other online sellers groups but OSIRockStars is the only one I will go to now.

    I have learned so much listening to all of the educational information here. The classes are informative and relevant to your business. OSIRockStars gave me the kick start I needed to create my own business MySpace pages, Squidoo Lenses and I am now working on revamping my own websites to sell products. I couldn’t have done it without OSIRockStars.

    If you are looking to start selling online or want to make your current business better, OSIRockStars is the only place to go to get the information and support to make it happen. Come join us!

    Kelley Hopper
    Alfaroo Trading Company

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    OSI Rock Stars is THE place to be if you want your eBay business to be successful in 2008! With top notch eBay experts, community forums, and new eBay educational classes added almost daily, why would you want to be anywhere else? I personally love the fact that being a part of this membership site has proven to bring in additional traffic to my eBay auctions and eBay store. I always look forward to the weekly line-up of webinars and all the inside information and tips to help boost my business to the next level. OSI Rock Stars is all about YOU — a refreshing change in this “all about me” mentality world. Don’t wait any longer to become a part of this elite group, you will be glad you did. I WANNA BE A ROCK STAR!!
    Tonya Gibbs
    Namebrand Connection

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    janieruth Says:

    I have been selling on eBay since 1997 and all of my antiquing friends think that I am an eBay genius. I kind of thought so too, until I met Janelle Elms! She was my instructor at eBay Stores 101 during eBay Live in Boston. I was immediately turned on to all of the things I had been doing wrong. I put what she told us in that class to work, but I was in for a wonderful surprise!

    Janelle invited me to be a Beta Tester for her new site, OSI Rock Stars and I have to say that I was totally in awe of what she had put together in this site. It was so exciting to see it develop, and even more exciting to see it go LIVE! OSI Rock Stars seemed to be a site developed just for ME! I know, I know, you think the same thing. Isn’t that really the beauty of the site?

    Where else can I find so much information about growing my online and eBay business? I also have to tell you that this is a truly wonderful community of people who are ready to help you at every turn. As I write this, so many names come to mind of folks I have never met in person, who jump at the chance to help me when I have a need. These people are transparent – they don’t hold anything back – there are no insider secrets that OSI Rock Stars won’t share. Amazing? – you bet!

    At this time, we Rock Stars are also helping a fellow member raise money for a Helper Dog for her severely Autistic son. Do you belong to any other eBay site that is doing this? I didn’t think so!

    After joining, I finally opened my eBay Store, my eBay business doubled the first month after listening to my first podcast from a seasoned seller, my auctions climbed in Google, my sell through rate is well above average. For ten years, I thought that I was a successful eBay Entrepreneur – NOW, after joining OSI Rock Stars, I am truly on the road to success.

    I am approaching retirement and I have to tell you, I am one of those Baby Boomers who thought her Uncle Sam was going to take care of her. I had become afraid of the future – now, I am able to start really socking away some extra funds. What a Blessing!

    You are certainly never too old to learn and if you are like me, and think you already know all about selling on eBay – you are in for a real surprise. Join, take advantage of all OSI Rock Stars has to offer and you will be so glad you did. I can’t think of another gift that you could buy yourself that would give so much back to you. It is certainly the best money I ever spent on myself – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

    Hear what I have to say about OSI Rock Stars

    Check out my eBay store, Janieruth’s Fabulous to Funky Finds – designed by a Rock Star – where I sell all things Fabulous to Funky – Antiques and Uniques!

    Blessings and here’s to your own success! Rock On, janieruth

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    darcori Says:

    My husband and I have spend a lot of time achieving over 10,000 positive feedbacks and we ship out over 50 vintage items every week, so time is important to us!

    In the one month or so since I joined OSI Rock Stars, I have spent less than 3 hours a week, reading and listening to information shared by the members and specialists Janelle brings to the site, however, I am thrilled to say that in that short time, I have actually paid for my entire year’s membership solely with hints I picked up from OSI Rock Stars.

    The OSI Rock Star opportunity is a bargain, both for the time and investment, and I encourage any eBayer whether new or experienced to take advantage of the benefits of joining.

    Cori : >


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    Original Findings Says:

    Osi Rock Stars has made a shining difference in my ebay business. I have made several changes through out my course of growth and everything I have learned has come from Janelle Elms and here wonderful interviews and through the Osi Rock Stars Site.

    I will continue to learn and grow my business with the valuable information that is provided with this membership. I hope everyone chooses success and becomes a Osi Rock Star

    Lisa Hansen
    Vineyard Creek Jewelry Findings

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    We Do Social Media Marketing For You Says:

    Want to have a more successful eBay business?

    Your search is over! The tools, tips and techniques you need to achieve success are right here on the OSI Rock Stars site!

    You’ll have access to the most timely, reliable, high quality, in-depth information anywhere. It’s all in one place and available 24/7! Through comprehensive podcast & webinar interviews with leading experts in the eBay/online world, you’ll learn to implement cutting-edge strategies and techniques that will increase your bottom line and take your business to the next level.

    I came to OSI Rock Stars because of Janelle Elms. I’ve always admired her dynamic teaching style, generous spirit and willingness to share her knowledge. Now she’s created an amazing site that embodies all these wonderful attributes. Here you’ll find valuable information and supportive members willing to share their experiences & knowledge. You will not find hype, self-promotion or promises that aren’t kept.

    As an eBay Certified Business Consultant and Education Specialist, I need to keep abreast of the most current (and accurate) information and tools available for my clients. The OSI Rock Stars site has put all this information in one place and provided supportive forums where talented group members will share their expertise and answer any questions I might have. In just 2 months on the site I’ve learned such useful information & new techniques that have added value to my teaching/consulting business and increased my eBay sales as well!! This site is the most valuable resource in my toolbox for accurate, timely information and on-going support.

    Where do I tell people to go for success? OSI Rock Stars!!

    Marlene Gavens
    Your Hometown eBay Expert!
    eBay Certified Business Consultant
    & Education Specialist
    Proud Rock Star Roadie, Groupie & Promoter

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    OSI Rock Stars in a word has been “everything” to me. You see I’m a professional Private Investigator and know very little about Internet Marketing. When I joined OSI Rock Stars, I was skeptical, thinking, “here I go again” throwing money at another guru that professes to be able to help the Internet ‘wannabe’ be successful on the Internet. But… that wasn’t the case. Janelle Elms walks the talk and truly delivers. I stumbled across Janelle’s site and am so happy I did. I have learned so much. I had begun writing ebooks relating to my profession and was looking for ways to learn how to market them on the Internet. As a result of OSI Rock Stars, I have now finished 5 of the ebooks I had started and have put them in an eBay store. OSI Rock Stars has given me the knowledge, confidence and tools to move forward and build my eBay store. The community of OSI Rock Stars have been very helpful and open in terms of offering their assistance. I just got my eBay store live a couple of weeks ago and the very next day after going live, I got my “first sale.” I have spent weeks and literally thousands of dollars on previous Internet ventures by having the “guru’s” build expensive web sites and I never made the first sale. Do I sound excited now? You bet I am and I owe it to Janelle and OSI Rock Stars. My store can be viewed at:



    Thank you Janelle and OSI Rock Stars

    Bill Jones

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    OSI rock stars is for me because:
    1) it always raises my enthusiam, my family doesn’t want to take about eBay any more, and it’s a place where I can find people who love what I do as much as I do.
    2) education, success breading success, it’s amazing how fast the internet and the eBay site changes. As soon as you catch up, you’re behind again. OSI rock stars cut to the chase, and find the important information and bring it to the top!
    3) to learn what I didn’t know I didn’t know. That’s a mouth full, but it’s the truth. I am always learning from another OSI rock star things that improve my business or my relationships with other eBayers with methods and tips about things I knew nothing about. And what a high it is. Serendipity!
    4) to be able to listen again and again, and when I can fit it into my schedule…while I prefer to listen live, that isn’t always possible. So it calms me right back down to know that I can listen whenever I can fit it inot my schedule
    5) to be heard! boy this is a big one. Listening is really important to me, but to be heard…unbelievable. In so many places in our lives we just feel like another pebble on the beach, but not at OSI Rockstars. We listen to each other and we hear each other!
    thankyou thankyou thankyou to all the OSI rockstars

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    Lady Linda Says:

    This is the BEST site EVER!!! Whether you are new to Ebay, have been at it awhile or an Ebay GURU this is a site you can’t afford not to be a part of.
    The amount of FREE training, forums with experts, and knowledge contained in this site is something that money can’t but (unless you’re VERY rich). How many “free” webinares have you been in on? ALL of OSI ROCK STARS are FREE!!
    As a new Ebayer this is the only site you will ever need to purchase and if you follow all that is there for your education you can’t help but be a success.
    If you’re looking to take your Ebay experience to the next level the information contained in this site is an absolute must have. No where else will you find so much knowledge on ONE SITE just waiting for you to tap in and LEARN.
    No matter what you sell or how profitable you are there is something here for you. It is also the perfect forum for you to share your knowledge and reap the benefit that that brings.
    Janelle Elems is the best at what she does both in educating the Ebay community and blessing us all with her kind and gentle spirit. She not only wants you to be the best you can be but gives you the tools to get there.
    If you aren’t a success with all this site contains than you should truly think of something else to do with your future.
    Because Janelle is the kind of person she is the best of the best in Ebay education and selling techniques have teamed up with her to share their knowledge, wisdom and know how so that the information and knowledge base on OSI Rock Stars is like no other. Every part of the information stored in this site is there for YOUR SUCCESS. You can’t afford not to become a member and with the VIP pass offered you can take a quick peek at all that is there just for YOU to use.
    With this kind of INFORMATION at YOUR fingertips the SKY IS TRULY THE LIMIT!!!
    I can only hope that you take the step toward your future that will change your life forever.

    I look forward to seeing you backstage.

    Lady Linda

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    OSI Rock Stars is my “go to” for EVERYTHING I need to know about Ebay. There is not another site with this kind of information and what a bargain!! It now has over 100 hours of expertise and training from the best in the business, all the vision of Ebay dynamo, Janelle Elms. Believe me, to get all the training you get here, you would need dozens of ebooks, have to travel to who knows where, and then somehow, try to keep up with all that info – phew!! It exhausts me just thinking about it! But anything you need to know about marketing, buying, selling, taxes, organization, technical aspects of the computer, Ebay stores, photography, media, etc., you can get here, at your fingertips, whenever you are able to listen and/or watch. Try finding that somewhere else!

    You can even do like I did ~ I was listening to a webinar on Profitable Keyword Training from Janelle while I was doing some listing. Well, I decided in the middle of a listing to try one of the techniques she was teaching, and boy, oh boy, did it ever work! My profit level on that one item alone increased from 54% to over 120%! How’s that for success?

    But you know what? Janelle teaches us that true success is so much more, not just your bottom line (although that is nice!) She teaches us to have success with our goals, our selling, our customers, our service, even ourselves. She is such a giving person that she helps us be givers too.

    And the community at OSI Rock Stars is absolutely spectacular! You just could not ask for more caring, giving folks ~ you never have to feel “dumb” asking a question here, you are “safe” asking and commenting. And there are even forums for when you are overwhelmed and need encouragement and inspiration. This group of fellow Ebayers are also givers; as I write, they are uniting to help one of our own with a dog for her austistic son. I am so blessed to be a part of this community of “friends.”

    So, what does OSI Rock Stars mean to me? It’s definitely a place of knowledge and expertise, but more than that, it’s a place of genuine, caring hearts.

    Thanks, friends!

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    Accessing OSI Rock Stars’ Education Stage is like attending our own eBay Community College – and yet better! We are priviledged to learn from online experts who are extremely passionate about what they do and who bring an excitement to their ‘class lecture’. These experts genuinely care about helping us to learn and to excel.

    Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, joining OSI Rock Stars was one of the BEST decisions I have made. I’m still a relatively “newbie” to eBay and still have lots to learn. As a Rock Star, I have a backstage pass to education, motivation, assistance, and support whenever I need it, 24/7.

    One of the best things I like about being a Rock Star is the ability to listen to the recorded classes at MY convenience, night or day. Plus, sometimes I need to hear a class more than once to fully comprehend the new information.

    I work outside the home and have begun my eBay career part-time. This means that I am not always able to attend the ‘live’ telecasts. Because I am an OSI Rock Star, I have access to ALL of the information, ALL of the telecasts, ALL of the webinars — at my convenience.

    My goal is to develop my store into a success so that when I retire in a couple of years, I can support myself with eBay sales. As Janelle Elms always says, “I choose success”, too and I intend to achieve it.

    Last month, Janelle sent out a newsletter that made me sit a little taller and added a twinkle to my eye when she said:
    “have your people contact our people”

    — WOW, never thought I’d hear those words spoken directly to little ol’ me! Thank you, Janelle. You made my day!

    Now, all I need to do is to locate “MY PEOPLE”. I think they are around here somewhere, hiding maybe. LOL – I think this means that I am on the right path to achieve my success goal.

    Already I have learned SO much! I never comprehended just how valuable the correct keywords would be to drive traffic. WOW – I’ve definitely got some work to do on my store.

    As a member, we all help each other. I think most of us Sellers live on eBay! Now that we’ve all become part of the OSI “community college”, we share ideas, tips, and we ‘go to school’ together.

    Here is my dorm address so that you can come for a visit! http://www.brightenyourdayproducts.com

    There are two ways to BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY! One is to join OSI Rock Stars, and the other is to shop in my store!

    Wanna be on top and have a successful eBay store?
    >>>> JOIN OSI ROCK STARS! <<<<

    Success to all of us!
    jackie oh

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    worldwide-traders-online Says:

    I had never been on eBay when I attended one of Janelle’s day long workshops in the fall of 2004, but I was seeking a new entrepreneurial career chapter and wondered if eBay might be the answer. Starting part-time after hours in January 2005 I quickly became a Powerseller but knew there was much to learn about internet marketing.

    Little did I realize that my path would cross Janelle’s again in 2007 as she launched OSI, her eBay Stores Success Video,the 1% Club, and OSI Rock Stars. When the student is ready the teacher shows up and I was hungry for more! I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a Beta Tester, (Rock Star Roadie) and get an under the hood look before it went live and offer suggestions.

    Janelle has created an eBay educational portal that is light years above and beyond any other available eBay internet learning experience. It is like a 24/7 eBay Masters degree on steroids!

    I’m a life long learner and an information hoarder, but I get technical paralysis when implementing something new. Countless times I have purchased valuable information from other venues only to have it sit gathering dust because I was fearful it was too complicated to implement.

    Janelle instills confidence, is authentic, and creates an atmosphere of excitement that is contagious! Her personal connection was the key to stepping over the fear threshold and giving myself permission to go the distance. I’ve surprised myself by accomplishing projects that were previously impossible (in my mind) due to my techno phobia!

    Being a Rock Star, Roadie, and Promoter has given me courage plus all the tools to break out of that paralysis. I’ve added a newsletter doubling my subscribers, redesigned my eBay store with the help of an amazing Designer and fellow Rock Star increasing sales by 30%, cross promoting by hiring an international programmer for an off eBay website, created a website that features drop shipped products, adding a Squidoo lens, and a My Space page, and soon to use video and audio in my auctions or custom pages. These accomplishments would never have been implemented given my lack of technical confidence without OSI Rock Stars podcasts and webinars. You will be amazed at all the new content added weekly that drills down even deeper on skills, techniques, tools, plus keeping me up to date on new technology with discounts available at special Rock Star prices!! Janelle always over delivers and this site will enthrall and surprise you every time you log on!

    Our forum is a family of like minded entrepreneurs who are positive and always willing to answer questions, give a virtual “hug” if you are having a bad day, or be a think tank for new business ideas. Each Rock Star contributes to the success of the whole site and we have fun in the process. Instead of competiting we are sharing, encouraging, and celebrating as we grow our eBay business’.

    If you are serious about making money on eBay, learning the inside ropes often not shared by other self proclaimed eBay gurus,and have fun in the process then OSI Rock Stars is for you!

    Don’t stand on the side lines and wonder why your eBay business has stalled out and your competition is eating your lunch, jump on board and become a OSI Rock Star! It will be the best investment you can ever make for your eBay business!

    Diane Bell
    OSI Rock Stars Roadie and Promoter

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    OSI Rock Stars is a wealth of information right at your fingertips. What I love about it is, you can download the podcasts and listen at your convenience. As eBay sellers, you spend a lot of time at the computer , so it’s nice to get away, and still be productive.

    I have learned more from Janelle than anyone/anything, and with this amazing website, I just have to go to one location to get all I need to help me grow my business.

    There is always so much to learn, and things are constanty changing, so keeping current and learning from the best can save time and money.

    It doesn’t get any better than this! Join OSI Rock Stars – you won’t be disappointed.

    Dorothy Kennedy
    Rock Star Roadie/Promoter

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    houndandhandbag Says:

    It has been said if you want to learn, learn from who has the fruit on their tree. How true when it comes to this. Glad I’m here.

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    tuspirits Says:

    OSI Rock Stars is The # 1 place to Choose Success for all eBay sellers, new & seasoned alike.

    It is jam packed with over 100 hours of audio & video content to listen & learn from to take your eBay business to the next level of Success!

    The forums are THE # 1 place anywhere on the internet to ask questions, even the silly sounding ones, as you will always receive a helpful response (more often than not from more than 1 Rock Star).

    C’mon in and take a look around, we’re a friendly bunch and helpful too!

    Owner of http://www.tuspirits.net

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    Whenever I need a kick in the pants to work on expanding my eBay business, Rock Stars is the first place I turn. The different ways of looking at business provided by the mentors always opens my mind to new ways of conducting business and motivates me to get busy and try new things, whether it be sourcing, updating auction templates, making my own Five Star logo, or working my my blog. Rocks Stars is just the motivation I need to get working.

    My big change this month was moving from a basic store to a featured store.

    Next step….hiring a store designer to smooth over the rough edges of my store and listings.

    Thanks, Rock Stars!

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    onecrazyredhead Says:

    I am so proud to be a member of this Phenomenal group of ROCKSTARS – this group makes me GLOW with excitement, pride + gives me an “I CAN DO ANYTHING attitude”.

    Remember……FAITH makes things possible – NOT EASY !!!

    ROCK ON !!


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    Rock on.
    Thanks, JoAnn


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    Kat Says:

    First time I’ve seen this video and it sums up Rock Stars so Well.

    Love Janelle and ADORE the community she has built!



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    Finally got caught up with all my post eBay Radio party shipping and catching up. .. came home to a ton of sales which is good. So here I am… ready to learn and grow my business.

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    FitFlops On Sale…

    Oh! Wow its in fact a humorous and jockey YouTube video posted here. thanks for sharing it….

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    Be a Rock Star! eBay and Online Education for your Business Success » What is OSI Rock Stars…