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  • 6 Responses to “Ladies Who Launch – Co-Founders Beth & Victoria share their success secrets”

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      Isn’t it AMAZING that there are that many more women starting businesses than men?? The statistics are pretty astounding!

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      An insightful discussion of how women entrepreneurs launch businesses in different ways and for different reasons than men. Like many women, I was drawn to entrepreneurship because it offers more opportunities for creativity and flexibility than a traditional corporate job. This perspective was the starting point for a recent edition of Weekend Entrepreneur by Michelle Anton on Blog Network (September 12, 2007). Entitled “America’s Next Top Business Makeover Expert”, it was an interview with Pete Nelson of Everywhere Marketing about Marketing Business Makeovers for Women (see link below). According to Nelson, “a business makeover is an inside out process. A makeover isn’t just about designing a captivating website or writing persuasive and eye-catching copy. It starts with how a woman perceives her business, her clients and how confident she is in her intentions for building and growing a business. To be honest, this is where women entrepreneurs either fail or succeed … This is why some of the most important questions to answer for many women business owners starting out are; How do you create a brand for yourself if you don’t feel comfortable promoting yourself and your service? How do you connect with your ideal customer when you are so focused on your own pain that you’re unable to see the pain of your customers? Answering these questions are vital to a successful makeover, especially for someone just starting out. How many times have I heard Janelle say, “You have to decide WHO you’re going to be on eBay.” As always, she is totally on target. The podcast also offered interesting insights into building business partnerships with other women.

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      Okay ladies: grab a cup of coffee, slip on your cozy slippers and celebrate being women entrepreneurs during this chat with your gal pals. Janelle, Beth and Victoria turn into your “new best friends” as they discuss how women launch businesses differently from men and they hone in on the traits that makes women entrepreneurs unique and special.

      Learn how to embrace who you are while also learning how not to sabotage your efforts along the way. Take time to celebrate your achievements and appreciate yourself. I loved learning how surrounding myself with other like-minded women could actually boost my creative ideas and motivation.

      This inspirational “girl chat” also carries over into Beth’s and Victoria’s book, “Ladies Who Launch, Embracing Entrepreneurship & Creativity as a Lifestyle”. (I actually won a copy of this book during the live teleseminar…wooohooo!!) The book offers additional definitions of the feminine approach to launching businesses. It helps to validate and clarify your vision for what you want to do and gets you moving in the right direction.

      Ladies Who Launch is working hard to create a community that meets the needs of women while providing the support that enables women to become successful. I have since signed up for their newsletter and receive a weekly inspirational story about a featured woman entrepreneur. It’s a great way to read about other women’s successes, failures, struggles, and accomplishments.

      To your creative, entrepreneurial spirit!

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      It’s called, but it’s got tons of useful info for men too! :)

      October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Give a hot pink digital camera to someone you love!

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      Cindy Hamilton Says:

      I’m headed to the Be Your Own Boss event at San Francisco’s Galleria tomorrow, a day of learning and networking put on in various regions by Ladies Who Launch. Listening to this archived conversation of a year ago, it’s stimulating to hear about the path the co-founders have taken. Many things are possible! Thanks once again, Janelle, for exposing us to this supportive and creative group!

      Cindy Hamilton
      Bombay Bongo
      Twirl Planet

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      Kat Says:

      I found this interview with the ‘Ladies Who Launch’ extremely encouraging! Hope to remember to Celebrate as they recommend!

      thanks to Victoria, Beth & Janelle!