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  • 8 Responses to “Research on eBay – Terapeak’s Greg & Denise Answer Your Questions…”

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      Greg and Denise made a point to say that Research is important no matter what company you use carefully not bashing any competition but gave every benefit that their company could provide. Wow- In my opinion, the mark of a TRUE Professional!

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      Research is an essential aspect of any online business. You need to know what your buyers are looking for, when they are willing to purchase an item and how much they are willing to spend on an item. Terapeak offers a remarkable research tool to help discover the answers to these selling questions.

      In this teleseminar, Greg and Denise explain some of the features of Terapeak that make it such a powerful tool. Find out how Terapeak helps to find the “hot” items that your buyers are looking for. This research tool also spots trends, filters your search criteria and even saves specific searches. Doing a little research before listing an item prevents you from making listing mistakes. Why would you want to end your item when the buyers are not shopping during that time? You can even use Terapeak as a buyer when you want to find a great deal on an item (aha…if you can find items ending at a time when there aren’t very many competing buyers, you’ve just found the makings for a great deal!).

      We like using Terapeak to keep track of our (as well as our competitor’s) sell-through rate. We can then look into these numbers to find the items that are selling well and increase the amount of these particular items that have a high sell-through rate.

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      As someone who came into the eBay world with no sales background whatsoever (in fact, my background comes from the non-profit arena) I think one of the most exciting and intimidating aspects of entrepreneurship is the learning curve. It is truly a proverbial double-edged sword–the “good news” is that there is always something NEW to learn and the “bad news” is that there is ALWAYS something new to learn! For me, marketplace research has been one of those hurdles. Does this inner dialogue sound familiar? “I know this stuff is important, and I know I ought to get a handle on this, and I know doing this would take my business to the next level, but ARGHHHH!!!” I can almost see myself spinning head over heels like a Charlie Brown comic strip. There is a so much information to absorb and process and it is important to take things one step at a time, put one foot in front of the other, and BREATHE! Thankfully, success is not a race … so don’t compare yourself to anyone else, and focus on becoming the best “you” you can be. For me, one exposure to a new idea is not enough. I have to hear something at least three times before it takes root. That is why, forums such as this one are so awesome. You can listen to this podcast as many times as necessary to let the concepts sink in. Terapeak understands this principle as well. That is why they offer a free 30 day trial and have even made part of their service free without a sign-up. You get some basic information like 30 day history, sell through rate, average selling price, and number of listings. You won’t get any of the advanced features, but it’s a great way to get your feet wet. If you want to add a research tool to your business arsenal, but you don’t want to feel overwhelmed, this sounds like a great place to start. As you start to develop some mastery and build some confidence, you can upgrade to the next level. The other great thing about Terapeak is that it is web-based so you can go to their website and dive in–there is no software to install.

      Rina Mizrahi Varon

      NicheMarketplace–Your Online Emporium

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      In this podcast Greg and Denise make it very clear that solid research does not have to cost an arm and a leg. While you can get a lot of info from frees sites and from eBay itself, Terapeak seems to go a whole lot farther and offer more solid data.
      What I personally like most is the ability to see what the best times and days of the week are to sell a particular item.
      One of the nice things about Terapeak is that they also offer all kinds of education about sourcing and selling.

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      ItsAllOurVault Says:

      So many things I hadn’t thought of before! Like it’s not always prudent to run auctions for the full seven days! and how using Terapeak rather than Marketplace Research or completed listings allows you to see better seasonal trends as you have a longer span of time to view! Can’t miss this one!

      Jennifer Smith
      eBay Education Specialist

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      Great Call…Research is a key to success whether buying or selling on ebay!

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      Longhorn Tri Sports Says:

      Thanks for another great interview! This one was my favorite so far. Besides the very interesting Terapeak service, Greg and Denise are full of energy and excited about research (and iPods!). I look forward to trying out the service and future interviews with these guys from the Great White North.

      Thanks again,

      Longhorn Tri Sports

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      Kat Says:

      GREAT overview and lots of good tips. must listen podcast with Greg & Denise from Terapeak!