“Something here for everyone”…says Mike Mills of PartyVegetable.net

Janelle and her team have done a remarkable job putting this educational site together. bringing us audio and video seminars with eBay Educators, Powersellers, Providers of services to help your business grow and other leaders in the online business community. There is a wealth of information here and the fact that most of it is in the audio podcast format is great for me. It allows me to take the classes with me and be learning from these experts during what would normally be down time away from the computer. I can listen while driving, shopping, or even while doing other parts of my business activity like photographing items or packing & shipping, basically doubling my productivity. There is something here for everyone, in any stage of building a business on (or off) eBay, that will help you grow your business and increase your profits. And there is even more to come as they help us create a community where we can help each other choose success.


Michael W. Mills

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    YES! There is so much information and the format is so valuable. Automobile University never had such great classes!

    http://www.OSIRockStars.com Rocks!

    Jamie Skinner
    Wealth Building DVDs, CDs, and Books!

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    Hi Michael,

    “Doubling my productivity” – I like that description of the effect of OSI Rock Stars!

    Wishing you the best in the contest,