“Improves my weakness” says Stephanie Daugherty of Katiyana’s Handmade Collectibles

OSI Rock Stars Rocks! Let me tell you why I think so:

It is an incredible resource for online entrepreneurs of all sizes to learn how to Choose Success for their business. The website includes links to a variety of classes on business topics ranging from product procurement to marketing, SEO to eBay Stores Setup. It also has interviews with Power Sellers, Product Developers, authors, and lots of other people who are in-the-know and want to share what they know with you. It’s an educational gold mine for online sellers that will help put you a step ahead of your competition! As cool as it is now, it has the promise to be even better – and I can’t wait to see what new gems Janelle will have in store for us in 2008!

My name is Stephanie Daugherty, and I am the owner of Katiyana’s Collectibles – which specializes in selling handmade doll clothes and handmade bear clothes. My products are hand knit on a made to order basis for you, allowing you to pick the size, design, and colors of each item! I sell my products across a broad range of venues, my latest creation is a website located at http://www.katiyanashandmadecollectibles.com – you’re all invited to come for a visit and check it out!

I’m a niche seller, targeting three very specific groups of buyers: doll and bear collectors, mothers with children who have dolls or bears, or mothers with dolls or bears of their own who need a new set of clothes.

I’m a long time eBay Store owner, and I see the weak spot of my business as marketing. So Rock Stars is going to help me improve my weakness, and learn how to showcase the strengths I already have – such as selling unique customized products that draw rave reviews of their own! My business is in a stage of transition right now, and 2008 is going to be a big year for me as I put these great tips and tricks into place to take my business to the next level.

So far in the first couple of weeks of membership, I’ve listened to about 8 classes and taken pages of notes on a variety of topics, like exploring additional related products that would fit with my existing product lines, to creating Squidoo lenses to help drive more traffic to my websites (you MUST listen to Seth Godin’s interview about “The Dip”), to SEO Good Practices, and of course Marketing ideas! Some of the best tips I’ve gotten were to go back and double check what I’ve already done, to make sure I’m using tools correctly, or to their maximum potential. As a long time eBay Store Owner (my eBay store is located at http://stores.ebay.com/katiyanas-collectibles?refid=store), I find it’s really easy to forget about some of the tools available to us, as new bells & whistles are added to the product. Sometimes it really pays to go back and take a look at your store from head to toe, and see if you could be doing anything a little different or a little better, and not just let it go because “you’ve always done it that way”. Something as simple as redoing a promotion box can pay off big dividends through increased sales, or new sign ups for your eBay Newsletters, and it doesn’t have to take a large time investment to earn those benefits!

Not only is the information on OSI Rock Stars great for the new sellers, they provide great reminders to those of us who have been selling for awhile to go back and revisit things from time to time. Keep things fresh, take advantage of new tools, and don’t forget about the existing tools!

I also love the chance to help other Rock Stars by answering their questions about topics I have experience with like Squidoo and gift certificates, which are two awesome tools we can use to drive new business and repeat business to our stores. I look forward to hopefully answering more questions in the future – and being one of the lucky ones to participate in one of Janelle’s classes to help give back to some of those who have already helped me in Choosing Success for my business!

Many thanks to Janelle and the rest of the OSI Rock Stars community for making me feel welcome! I look forward to gaining lots of great information going forward, and look forward to giving some back when I can.

Let’s Rock On in 2008!


Stephanie Daugherty

Owner, Katiyana’s Handmade Collectibles


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    Janelle – thanks for giving me a chance to express how much I appreciate the opportunity OSI Rock Stars is given to me, and to share that with the rest of the Rock Stars.

    I am really looking forward to getting to know more of the Rock Stars community in the months to come – and please come visit my stores, and let me know what you think! It’s not too late to place an order for Christmas delivery if you hurry!!

    eBay Store: http://stores.ebay.com/katiyanas-collectibles?refid=store
    Website: http://www.katiyanashandmadecollectibles.com : FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100!!

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    Hi again Stephanie!

    Stephanie and I were on the same ebay forum years ago. I have to say, if someone had a question, Stephanie was there to help! So glad our paths crossed again! Looking forward to learning together with you and also from you!! Take care!!

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    Wow Stephanie, thank you for all your great ideas and suggestions. I look forward to working with you and participating in Jannelles classes.

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    janieruth Says:

    Katiyana – you have so much to offer all of us here at OSI Rock Stars. I know first hand how much your expertise helps, you helped me so much! Thanks for your insight on the help we all garner from OSI Rock Stars. Kudos to Janelle for being the brains behind the outfit – our own little Wizard so to speak! Rock on, janieruth

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    Hi Stephanie,

    I couldn’t agree more with your portrayal of OSI Rock Stars as “an educational gold mine”!

    Wishing you the best in the contest,

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    tuspirits Says:

    Stephanie, if it hadn’t been for your presence in the eBay Community Store forums we would have given up long ago.

    Thank you for being there for us and a lot of other newbies!

    Good luck!


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    Stephanie, What an awesome rave review, you made me want to
    join OSI Rock Stars all over again! Great comments for anyone considering membership!

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    Thanks for sharing Stephanie
    I look forward to working with you more in the future.
    Scott, Fox Music Company

    Fox Music Company for all you vinyl record needs.

    I Squidoo, Do You??