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  • 2 Responses to “Success Answers with Janelle - February Week 1 Part 1”

    1. Infant Traveler Says:

      New platforms or ways of doing business can be scary. Leaving our comfort zones, however, is sometimes what is best for our businesses and us. Amazon webstores vs other options…food for thought…

    2. Timecatchers Says:

      This is my second viewing of this Ask Janelle. I was present during the live session, but sometimes it’s a challenge taking notes and not missing something while you are doing that, especially when the discussion is about your own business questions. I now have as many notes from this second viewing as from the live session and can see some key things I missed the first time around. We can say this about Janelle’s discussion of our question/homework… she puts a lot of thought into the things she says and recommendations she makes. We appreciate the caring reasoned candor. It helps us think about our directions–where we are, where we want to go, why, etc. Thank you, Janelle.