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  • 9 Responses to “Tim “Mr Customer Service” Chapman is back with more Garage and Estate Sale Home Runs”

    1. Says:

      Aanii My Friends,

      Tim “Mr Customer Service” Chapman is an awesome example of how to find your passion and then develop that passion into a profitable niche.

      What I really love about this Podcast is the way he gives you a real live ‘Task’ to do that will help you to jump right in a learn by doing.

      That has always been my favorite way of training people how to market successfully online - especially on eBay.

      You can read all the How To’s you want to - however until you actually apply the information you have just read, you will never know for sure if it will work.

      Plus you will never know if it is a marketing strategy that you enjoy using and that will be affective for your niche.

      I would suggest that everyone from experienced eBayers to Newbies listen and try these techniques.

      To your Success Now,
      Bluedolphin Crow

    2. Grandpa's Trading Company Says:

      Greetings Fellow Rock Stars…. You are going to LOVE Tim. “Mr Customer Service”, Chapman and his podcast! You’ll be inspired to get up EARLY to search and locate treasures for ebay like Tim does! A fine variety of tips interspersed with tales of his past escapades, hunts and finds; most important: listen and takes notes for YOUR next EARLY hunting trip so you can score your OWN home run! VERY valuable information here! Even seasoned ebayers can find some new tips here! Here’s to YOUR success! Grandpa’s Trading Company

    3. Says:

      I have stayed away from Estate/Garage Sales, because up to up to now, I have been afraid of them. I did not understand them and how to make intelligent purchases there.

      Especially, learning to wait a day, if needed to get the price to where I am comfortable in purchasing.

      This podcast created a new Garage/Estate sale junkie….ME!

    4. Lady Linda Says:

      I really enjoyed Mr. Customer Service. You featured my store Lady Linda’s Loft and I took your advice to heart and had my best week ever!

    5. Says:

      Tim rocks! Thanks for proving that you can have a great store and keep customer service high! I appreciate your outlook, humor, and reminder of the “Golden Rule.” I look forward to hearing more from you.

    6. Says:

      An inspiring example of doing good. Great information about tricky little do’s and don’ts and estate sale etiquette.

    7. AlfiesTreasures Says:

      Tim is an inspiration to me. I listened to this podcast yesterday and I am so excited to know that I can make a living selling the items I get from estate sales, garage sales and swap meets - and not just old stuff. Most sellers seem to want to sell new items but here is a guy who sells everything he can find. I kept thinking I should get a hold of new products to sell but after listening to Tim I know I am on the right track with used (and even broken) items.

    8. Says:

      Mr Customer Service is always a good bet for listening to those ‘Home Run’ stories! He is so motivating in his discussions. I think it is because he makes it sound so easy! You think, Why didn’t I think of that!
      I recommend this podcast for someone starting out that needs that little boost to help remind them why they are doing business online.
      This discussion also helps the seasoned entrpreneur to stop, take a breath and review!

      Mary Evans
      Drei Katzen Media

    9. Kat Says:

      Another great show with info and ideas about more things to look for - thanks so much for sharing!

      Thanks to Tim Chapman & Janelle Elms