Rock Stars Tell All

  • “Receive insider information” says Melissa Guernsey of (01 Nov 07)

    OSIRockStars is like Disneyland for Entrepreneurs. It is a place where you can ask questions of top professionals, listen to successful entrepreneurs and receive insider information about the latest tools and techniques of the online business world. There is no other site like it. It is pure platinum.
    Melissa Guernsey

  • “This site was made for you and me” says Wendy Siegel of WebWendy (01 Nov 07)

    Hi, I’m Wendy Siegel, an Education Specialist Trained by eBay! My Web Site is
    I would like everyone to join in together and sing a song I wrote for the fabulous new Web Site!!!
    “OSI Rocks & Stars” (formerly known as the “Roadie’s Beta Song”) by WebWendy
    (Sung to the tune [...]

  • “It was created to help others succeed” says Cathy of (01 Nov 07)

    I love OSI Rock stars because it was created to help others succeed.
    OSI Rock Stars is an incredible source of information and resources.
    Janelle Elms has created an education site providing support for small businesses and entrepreneurs with answers to real life situations.
    My small design business creates whimsical vases and appears on the first [...]

  • “A community of like minded entrepreneurs” says Scott Fox of Fox Music Company (01 Nov 07)

    Hi Janelle
    I just wanted to thank you for being you. It was your hard work and perseverance that brought us the OSI Rock Stars website – the Website is loaded with information for the beginning seller on ebay to the more complex like, VeRO programs (Intellectual Property Rights) but its not all eBay. [...]

  • “Online dreams can come true”…says Jen of (01 Nov 07)

    Are you on the ‘Outside’ looking in?
    Wouldn’t you rather it was the other way around?
    Do you want an online store which sparkles with innovation, that seems to shine with its own special light?
    Do you want to surround yourself with success-driven individuals who think like you?
    Do you want to immerse yourself in [...]

  • “Something here for everyone”…says Mike Mills of (01 Nov 07)

    Janelle and her team have done a remarkable job putting this educational site together. bringing us audio and video seminars with eBay Educators, Powersellers, Providers of services to help your business grow and other leaders in the online business community. There is a wealth of information here and the fact that most of it is [...]

  • “I learned so much” says Bluedolphin Crow (01 Nov 07)

    Aanii Janelle,
    Well my fingers are bleeding from all the notes I took from your Power Seller class tonight…but hey, who cares when I learned so much again!
    Woo Hoo! Your interviews are so very awesome!
    I have been trying to find out about the Certified Business Consultant program and did not realize it was part of the [...]

  • “Stellar Resource and Community” says Cathi Aiello of Allegro Accounting (31 Oct 07)

    Janelle’s OSI Rock Stars site fulfills an aching hunger in the eBay/Online Seller environment. In my work with hundreds of eBay/E-Tailers each year as I help them with their accounting needs, I get asked over and over questions that are outside of the area of just accounting and Quickbooks. My clients know that [...]

  • “The journey to Success starts here”…says Richard Kuipers of Windmilltrading (31 Oct 07)

    “Janelle has built the Grand Central of sites when it comes to having everything in one place. Everything that travelers need on their way to Success is right there. Lessons from the leaders in the field, friendly advice from fellow travelers and racks full of resources. Ticket for admission is less than [...]